`gem push` doesn't work without an existing api key #153

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Trying to gem push to a geminabox host without an existing api key results in a prompt for an email and password, which then fails to work.

❯ gem push pkg/[GEM].gem --host [HOST]
Enter your [HOST] credentials.
Don't have an account yet? Create one at [HOST]/sign_up

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (NoMethodError)
    undefined method `request_uri' for #<URI::Generic:0x007fe759a55e18>

Try creating file like this:

:rubygems_api_key: 'missing'

in directory ~/.gem/credentials

This issue is also mentioned here jgraichen/geminabox-rake#3

@gregtaylor99 gregtaylor99 referenced this issue in rubygems/rubygems.org Feb 5, 2015

Cannot gem push (HTTP Basic: Access Denied) #583


Creating a credentials file skips over the prompt for credentials, but the same ERROR: while executing gem... message is returned for me.
Mine is slightly different, undefined method 'downcase' for nil:NilClass

Server is running ruby 1.9.3p551
geminabox 0.12.4

Client calling gem push a.gem -- host site.com is running ruby 2.1.7p400


I presume downcase is attempting to be called on an email variable, which I would not have provided. Not sure which library would be to blame for this under the hood?

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