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A simple project to start with Gemini - Model Driven REST Framework
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Gemini Postgresql Starter

This repository can be used to start with Gemini as a Gradle dependency module. Gemini is a Model Driven REST Framework to automatically build FULL CRUD backends.

You can see more about the framework in the official repository here.

What is included ?

Please read this article that well explain all the parts of this Gemini start example. Briefly:

  • Custom Gemini Module with some Example Entities and Records
    • resources/schemas/
    • resources/schemas/CUSTOM_MODULE.atr
  • Simple Gemini Event to add custom logic to fields
    • ../events/
  • Immutable Domain Entity Configuration Example
  • Skeleton to start the development of your APIs

Build and Run

You can use your favorite IDE. Be sure to use docker/wd as working directory if you want to start with provided

It is Spring App we use common Spring task.

# from project root
$ gradle bootJar

# or build an executable
$ gradle executableJar

# copy executable insiede working directory (alraedy crafted with common Spring
$ cp dist/gemini-psql-starter-1.0-executable.jar docker/wd/

# start docker services (Database Postgresql, PgAdmin and Swagger to consume APIs)
$ cd docker
$ docker-compose up -d

# once docker services are up
$ cd wd
$ ./gemini-psql-starter-1.0-executable.jar

# now you can use Swagger to consume APIs


Apache License 2.0

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