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Invalid git post-commit hook under Mac OSX Mountain Lion #1

veilleperso opened this Issue Mar 30, 2013 · 2 comments

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When the hook run the following command
(git diff --name-only HEAD~ HEAD 2>/dev/null || git diff-tree -r --no-commit-id --name-only --root HEAD) | grep -P '^(Gemfile|Gemfile.lock|.*.gemspec|package.json|npm-shrinkwrap.json)$'

I've got the following error
usage: grep [-abcDEFGHhIiJLlmnOoPqRSsUVvwxZ] [-A num] [-B num] [-C[num]]
[-e pattern] [-f file] [--binary-files=value] [--color=when]
[--context[=num]] [--directories=action] [--label] [--line-buffered]
[--null] [pattern] [file ...]

It seems that the default grep installed in mountain lion doesn't like the -P command

Replacing by -E seems to do the trick.

Gemnasium member

Looks odd, your error message clearly mentions the -P option in "usage"...
We'll check this though, thanks for reporting it.


Yes I know, it seems to be a bug in grep usage help of mountain lion, but Apple switched version of grep and doesn't provide -P option anymore:


@gonzoyumo gonzoyumo was assigned Apr 2, 2013
@gonzoyumo gonzoyumo added a commit that closed this issue Apr 2, 2013
@gonzoyumo gonzoyumo Drop Perl regexp style for compatibility
 * closes #1
@gonzoyumo gonzoyumo closed this in 63a5173 Apr 2, 2013
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