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WebDriverBackedSelenium support? #34

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This isn't a bug nor enhancement request but posting as a discussion topic.

See the following for background:!topic/selenium-users/6E53jIIT0TE

Selenium server now includes the WebDriverBackedSelenium functionality of WebDriver as part of server that any language binding can use. But to use it requires use of some WebDriver code (say via this project's Selenium 2 bindings) to start up WebDriver browser session then pass that session to Selenium RC code/bindings to work with via the old RC API but using WebDriver "underneath".

I think it would be helpful to the community to have Perl support for this new server side functionality. For those not yet ready to migrate to WebDriver API.

I assume this hasn't been implemented yet. If already done, ignore.

But for this support, I'm guessing requires updating the Perl RC bindings available on CPAN. How might we get this done? Since Perl is no longer an officially supported binding...


Nevermind, I got response from one of the developers of the RC binding. I guess I or someone else up to this can fork the RC code submit pull request for update:


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Just to make sure I correctly understand what you're trying to do: are you planning on using WebDriverBackedSelenium for ever? Or are you going to use it as a vehicle to completely move to WebDriver? If your choice, is later then yes it is probably worthwhile to invest time in implementing that support otherwise, in the long run, it is just not advisable.

WebDriverBackedSelenium will be supported as long as all the browser bindings haven't moved to WebDriver. Once that happens, support for it will be dropped. Now whether it will be next month or next year or next decade is not sure. That is why I decided to not bother with it and make a clean break to WebDriver.

But then again, if you or someone is willing to spend some time to send in patches, I will be more than happy to help.


The intent is the latter case, to buy users more time to do the conversion, and enjoy the same benefit as Java/.NET/Python users.

Some users choose to or will have to move to those language bindings for better support from Selenium project (based on feature set like native FF/IE/Safari drivers, API, and sample code), or just for WebDriverBackedSelenium support.


If you follow the history of this project, I started it just to provide a solution to my problem. And that problem did not cover native driver implementations, support for mobile & extra functionality like Page Objects etc. Now, that is not to say that I don't care about those feature set - it is just a matter of time, which I don't have. And unfortunately, my work doesn't require those other stuff as well. If they did, I'd have implemented them a long time ago.

We're are in agreement - these other features will make it easy for Perl users and it might bring this project on par with other language bindings. If others are willing to contribute, I can even give direct commit access to this project.


Closing issue; the goal is to fully support Selenium.

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