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missing commands #7

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These are outlined in t/03-spec-coverage.t
I have placed them in this issue for anyone who is looking for a TODO item.

GET session/:sessionId/orientation
POST session/:sessionId/orientation
GET session/:sessionId/alert_text
POST session/:sessionId/alert_text
POST session/:sessionId/accept_alert
POST session/:sessionId/dismiss_alert
POST session/:sessionId/click
POST session/:sessionId/buttondown
POST session/:sessionId/buttonup
POST session/:sessionId/doubleclick


all of these are implemented except orientation.

orientation does not yet work on the iOS devices... haven't tried on android devices yet.


a few new commands were added to the JsonWireProtocol...

POST session/:sessionId/touch/click
POST session/:sessionId/touch/up
POST session/:sessionId/touch/down

They have been put in as todo items in the t/03-spec-coverage.t test. They will need to be implemented.


Thank you for the feedback; the end goal is full support for the JsonWireProtocol.

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