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LevelUp: also reset the skills top index global var

Otherwise we may break if the scrollbar's been moved and the next
character can select from more more skills than the previous.
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1 parent cca834d commit bd1600bc2c333e47502107955a7bf928bf2090d4 @fizzet fizzet committed Apr 28, 2013
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@@ -237,7 +237,8 @@ def SetupSkillsWindow (pc, type, window, callback, level1=[0,0,0], level2=[1,1,1
#skills scrollbar
- GemRB.SetVar ("SkillsTopIndex", 0)
+ SkillsTopIndex = 0
+ GemRB.SetVar ("SkillsTopIndex", SkillsTopIndex)
if len(SkillsIndices) > SkillsNumButtons:
ScrollBar.SetEvent (IE_GUI_SCROLLBAR_ON_CHANGE, SkillScrollBarPress)
#decrease it with the number of controls on screen (list size) and two unrelated rows

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