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-2. (PARTLY) Properly detect the play mode (sp/mp, normal/extended)
-1. fix (finish implementation of) talk table override
-2. implement feature: "<GENDER?stref1:strref2>" (or even more ambitious stat specific strref tokens)
-1. (DONE?) fix combat round timings
-2. implement customisable combat calculation, it should be general enough to
-simulate all games, without any hardcoded parts
-2. (PARTLY) Implement switching weapon abilities
-2. (DONE-mostly) Implement IWD2 effects
-4. (DONE-mostly) Implement PST effects
-1. (PARTLY) Don't load scripts for pile items? (research when a script is unused)
-4. (DONE-almost) fix overlaid tiles - bug #1623839
-1. (PARTLY) fix char animation sequences
-2. stanceID is still fuzzy. Fix it. (FIXED?)
-3. (DONE-almost) Implement projectile animations (area, cone, fragments, hardcoded features)
-1. (PARTLY) Use the character sheet (Actor.cpp) itself to store attributes of the character
- during character generation.
- Benefits: data is already stored in the destination, data constraints and relations
- are easily implemented.
- How to: replace GemRB.SetVar with GemRB.SetPlayerStat. Don't forget to create
- the character first. - see bg1 chargen for a complete solution
-2. Move position of actor (and ground circle) to the center of a searchmap cell
-3. (PARTLY) Actually handle the iwd2 spelllists. Exporter is still needed.
-Game GUI:
-1. (PARTLY) implement class based (but customisable) action button bar. Generally port
- the IWD2 system to all engines
-2. implement grabbing mouse pointer by a control to fix dragging of PST Float menu window
-4. (PARTLY) Fix unwanted screen shake (especially when on bottom of area on actor selection)
-5. (DONE-almost) Level up code, missing for pst wierdness and iwd2
-1. The Cache and Variables classes could be rewritten to incorporate the release
- function more smoothly (use templates?)
-2. various directories (GemRB override, game override ...) should be resolved
- right after loading config files and remain static afterwards. Maybe define
- some PATH variable describing all the directories searched for files
-3. valgrind reports a big heap of unreleased python objects
-4. (DONE-mostly) Implement at least all the options accessible from the GUI options setup
-1. use scaling in Video::SpriteScaleDown() instead of in Video::GetPreview()
- and in BMPImporter
-3. (PARTLY) Add PNG support? (still image done)
-4. Fog of war: fully visible squares with one corner neighbour invisible need alpha of the adjacent corner to the invisible square tuned down (uh, i hope it is clear what to do, look for artifacts in the fog of war edge)
-1. valgrind reports invalid memory access due to Unqueueing buffers and using
- them in another thread (openal weirdness?)
-2. (PARTLY) sounds get sometimes distorted, might be connected to problem #1
-3. (PARTLY) Separate OpenAL interface from ACM loader and MVE player
-5. (FIXED?) fix sound settings (currently the volumes get reset on area change, for example)
-6. implement and use as much from EAX (echo, damping, etc) as possible
-2. Get a sample game with some free license which could be distributed
- with GemRB.
-1. (PARTLY) make tool to scan source files for those with non-standard
- copyright notices
-2. Add Doxygen doc comments to more objects
-3. Write GemRB overview, structure and high-level flow docs
-2. Move this todo to bug/task tracker at Sourceforge :-)

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