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lgt is finally dead dead
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@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ Full changelog digest:
NEWS entry
+(Optionally link or copy also the release notes)
******************* MODDING RING ********************
For the modding news blurb, just skip the changelog digest and put a link
to the main forum post. Also add a general intro, since this is syndicated:
@@ -24,10 +26,6 @@ For SF, just remove all of the BBCode.
-******************** HAPPY PENGUIN ******************
-and insert a shortened NEWS summary (3-10 items)
******************** LGDB ******************
Visit the project page and submit an update (version, changelog). Choose
@@ -21,8 +21,6 @@ Preparing and testing GIT
git tag -a -m "GemRB $ver" v$ver
git push origin v$ver
-* Update from GIT to the tagged version
- git checkout v$ver
* After you're done, update the version with a -git suffix, so it will be
easier to tell if people are running release builds or not
@@ -76,10 +74,12 @@ options should also be mentioned here if they're not part of the changelog.
* Test the downloads from
-* Announce on homepage, SF, #GemRB in channel and title, Happypenguin, LGDB and
- Gibberlings3:
+* Announce on SF, #GemRB in channel and title, LGDB and Gibberlings3:
- our forum
- modding news (Avenger, Theacefes, Grim Squeaker, DavidW and cmorgan have access)
(a template is available in admin/announcement.template)
+ - homepages: sidebar (versions and news), news, start (version), changelog (status
+ and log swap), old_changelogs
+ - we also have a Google+ page, but it is currently mostly unused
* Run admin/ to restart the NEWS cycle

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