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Commits on Apr 05, 2014
@lynxlynxlynx lynxlynxlynx AREImporter: fixed regression from 833056d and bugs from 31d4d4b
iwd1 also uses IWD2ScriptName, so too much code was run, breaking
avatar removal in particular, making both iwd/how unfinishable

thanks go to merbie for bisecting
@lynxlynxlynx lynxlynxlynx reverting 489ade9 and a few further changes
    Map::UpdateScripts: don't run scripts for actors with avatarremoval set

    true for at least bg2 and we'll use it internally in iwd2

the first concrete test case is how's starting dialog's cutscene,
which breaks with this in place, as the actor marks himself *poof*
mid-cutscene. Similar things happen in iwd2, so some other mechanic
for AF_ENABLED needs to be implemented.
5 gemrb/core/Map.cpp
@@ -732,11 +732,6 @@ void Map::UpdateScripts()
- if (actor->GetStat(IE_AVATARREMOVAL)) {
- actor->Stop(); // maze and imprisonment should invalidate existing actions
- continue;
- }
* we run scripts all at once because one of the actions in ProcessActions
* might remove us from a cutscene and then bad things can happen when
2  gemrb/plugins/AREImporter/AREImporter.cpp
@@ -1038,7 +1038,7 @@ Map* AREImporter::GetMap(const char *ResRef, bool day_or_night)
//IWD2 specific hacks
- if (core->HasFeature(GF_IWD2_SCRIPTNAME)) {
+ if (core->HasFeature(GF_3ED_RULES)) {
//This flag is used for something else in IWD2

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