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Commits on May 02, 2014
@BehoIder BehoIder A first SDL 2.0 GL renderer implementation e30333c
@BehoIder BehoIder covers in BlitGameSprite e76030e
@BehoIder BehoIder Add transparency support for masks 39c7dd5
@BehoIder BehoIder Memory usage optimization (no any textures created before needed). 32…
…bpp sprites now support color keys.
@BehoIder BehoIder Some bugfixes 5e1e455
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: few bugfixes (thanks fuzzie). Add an error handling du…
…ring shader programs creation.
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Implemented GLPaletteManager class to share palette te…
…xtures between sprites (greatly reduces memory usage)
@BehoIder BehoIder glPaletteTexture = 0 in copy constructor 2c2aa37
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Add another RemovePaletteTexture method (by texture id…
…), some code polishing
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Some fixes (Covering, attached palettes) fb5bd1a
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: More clean, more stable. Fixed problems with attached …
…palettes. Implemented GetScreenshot()
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Some fixes. b7dbe6d
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: MakeUnused() destroys all textures 8a94abc
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Removed attachedPalette from GLSprite. Added acqure & …
…release to paletteManager for all palettes, added support to attached palettes (separate map), cleanup every frame.
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Fixed leaks with palettes (thanks fuzzie). Fixed tint …
…in BlitGameSprite.
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: GLSLProgram class to manage programs, Shader class rem…
…oved, changes in shaders, DrawEllipse
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoRenderer: Shader source files. GLSLProgram now load shaders fr…
…om text files. Automatically storing uniform locations during program creation.
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Fixed DrawHLine & DrawVLine, implemented DrawCircle (w…
…ith DrawEllipse)
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: some fixes ea789a0
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Another method to drawing lines, implementing DrawLine…
…, removed 'transpose' param from GLSLProgram::SetUniformMatrixValue

 (always GL_FALSE in GLES)
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: new method drawPolygon for drawing various polygons an…
…d lines, implemented DrawPolyline (outline and filled), new source for DrawRect, DrawLine (using drawPolygon)
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: some shader fixes (thanks wjp), Triangulation class bdfd94b
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: new implementation of DrawPolyLine b91e4f9
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: tint for 32bpp sprites, some shaders tuning 094f3a0
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Improved magic effects 0927698
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: Lighting in spells 585357f
@BehoIder BehoIder GLVideoDriver: fix for previous commit f0b5613
@lynxlynxlynx lynxlynxlynx SDLVideo: made cf577da compile under sdl2 too
input is still screwy though
@lynxlynxlynx lynxlynxlynx SDLVideo: be smarter about plugin registration fabdcaa
@lynxlynxlynx lynxlynxlynx SDLVideo: add a cmake option to disable the FPS limiting 5b56ee3
@lynxlynxlynx lynxlynxlynx SDLVideo: changed the plugin descriptions and ids for clarity eaba14f
@lynxlynxlynx lynxlynxlynx 0.8.1 tomorrow a990de9