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Automatic Event Manager Reflection
support multiple event ids for the handle (right now it fails if you delete an entity with a method handling multiple events)
add bind method which works with the class (it doesn't need the field name)
bind in singleton or in instance
don't allow null values for dependencies required?
reuse binded stuff when getInstance(..)
automatically bind fields of a being binded instance?
add a putAll(Parameters params) method, it requires a way to iterate between Parameters items.
a way to iterate between Parameters keys (for what??, TODO: add examples the next time)
Apply styles correctly in order when using svg:use, for example, if we have a svg:image with style "display:inline;fill:RED;fill-opacity:0.5" and we have a svg:use of that image with style "fill:BLUE" then the result should "display:inline;fill:BLUE;fill-opacity:0.5"
SpriteUtils.resize(sprite, width) should be named resizeKeepingAspectRatio or something that tells what the method does in its name.
BUG: when calling setAngle() over SpatialPhysicsImpl and position wasn't updated, it doesn't use the current body position but a local zero vector
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