Google app engine application for a datastore and scores server
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Datastore Server

Datastore-server is a Google App Engine web application written in Python which allows you to manage game high scores remotely.


The application is really easy to install and use, first download and install Google App Engine SDK for Python, and download datastore-server from Github.

After that, open Google App Angine, login with a Google account and create a new application with the name you want for your highscores server, for example, MyGameScoresSystem.

Finally, go to the datastore-server folder and upload the application following this tutorial.

Your application should be ready to be accessed by opening

Congratulations, you have your Google App Engine high scores application ready :D

Creating Games

After the web application is installed, you will need to create a Game key to be used inside your game to identify it uniquely on datastore-server.

To do so, open your application at, and Sign in with your Google account.

Now, fill the new Game form by setting a key and a name. The key is a string, in our case we are creating it by calculating the md5sum of the game's name, for example, key = md5sum("Minecraft"), and name = Minecraft. Click submit and you will have a game created.


The application has different webservices, to simplify usage if you are using Java, there is a Java library named datastore which encapsulates all http requests through a simple API.

If you are using another language or want to access directly to those web services, you will have to wait we write a guide for them.

TODO: Write docs specifying which web services exists and how to access them.

Web Interface

It also has some pages to help you manage the game scores,

The main page which shows a list of games and lets you create new games, at /

Profiles page, shows you all registered profiles at /profiles

Game scores page, shows you all scores of one specific game, at /game with the following parameters:

gameKey 	- required - the key of the game.
tag* 		- optional - one tag the scores has to have in order to be listed, could be used multiple times.
distinct	- optional - filter one score per profile, true by default.
range 		- optional - day/week/month to request for daily/weekly/monthly scores respectively, all scores by default.
rangeNumber - optional - specify which day/week/month of the year, by default uses current day/week/month.


That's all for now, explore the API by yourself and feel free to suggest enhancements and or bugs in the Issues page.