Image processing using html5 canvas and javascript
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Image processing using html5 canvas and javascript

##Usage After CIML.js included into html, you can create CIML object with following parameters :
CIML(canvas id string,left-most x int,top-most y int,width int,height int);

<canvas id=source></canvas>
<script type=text/javascript>
var sourceCanvas=document.getElementById('source');
var sourceImg=new CIML('source',0,0,sourceCanvas.width,sourceCanvas.height);

above code creates a CIML object as sourceImg variable, which loads whole canvas.

note that the canvas should have already contain an image to be displayed or the width and the height should have already defined to make a blank image. You can use drawImage on a canvas object.

###Getting pixel data from x,y coordinate A pixel data is an array containing 4 elements of integer (0-255) which represent R,G,B,A in order. To get a pixel data, use:
returns Array;

var pixel=sourceImg.getPixel(0,0);

variable "pixel" now contain top-left-most pixel data. So pixel[0] should be the value of RED and so on.

###Setting a pixel data of x,y coordinate To set a pixel data, use:
setPixel(x,y,data array);

var foo=Array(255,0,0,255);

will change top-left-most pixel into solid red.

###Grayscale, Binary & Invert


will turn whole image into grayscale.


will turn whole image into binary(black-white), with an integer (0-255) parameter as the threshold value. Default value is 128.


will invert the color of whole image.

###Render processed image You can render/draw processed image into a new canvas or the source canvas using:
render(canvas id string,start x int,start y int);
or just a portion of it(optional):
render(canvas id string,start x int,start y int,dirty x int,dirty y int,dirty width int,dirty height int);


will redraw the source canvas.

###Get Average of a Rectangle

Get average of pixel value from a square with the center of x,y and radius of rect size using

getAvgRect(x **int**,y **int**,size **int**);<br>

for example, to get the average of a 3x3 rectangle with the center pixel of 10,10 the parameters would be: