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class InvalidInputException extends Exception { }
// >>>>>>>CODE STARTS HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
$filename = "list.txt";
$todoObject = new Filestore($filename);
// 1. retrieves saved list txt file
//gets contents of file. read() located in filestore.php
$list_array = $todoObject->read();
//2. checks if removing item from hyperlink via GET
if (isset($_GET['index']))
//removes item from hyperlink
//3. checks if item was added via POST
{ //checks if POST is empty
if (isset($_POST['NewItem']) && empty($_POST['NewItem']))
throw new InvalidInputException('<script type="text/javascript">alert("Todo item cannot be empty"); </script>');
} //checks if POST has more than X characters
if (isset($_POST['NewItem']) && strlen($_POST['NewItem']) > 5)
throw new InvalidInputException('<script type="text/javascript">alert("Todo item cannot be longer than 5 characters"); </script>');
//3a. adds new item from submit
if (!empty($_POST["NewItem"])) {
array_push($list_array, $_POST["NewItem"]);
} catch (InvalidInputException $e)
echo $e->getMessage();
// 4. checks if file was uploaded and uploads file
if (count($_FILES) > 0 && $_FILES['file1']['error'] == 0)
//4a. checks if uploaded file is text
if ($_FILES['file1']['type'] == 'text/plain') {
//4b. if file is text type
// Set the destination directory for uploads
$upload_dir = '/vagrant/sites/';
// Grab the filename from the uploaded file by using basename
$filename_up = basename($_FILES['file1']['name']);
// Create the saved filename using the file's original name and our upload directory
$saved_filename = $upload_dir . $filename_up;
// Move the file from the temp location to our uploads directory
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file1']['tmp_name'], $saved_filename);
//4c. merges uploaded file with existing file
$ups = new Filestore($saved_filename);
$array_to_add = $ups->read();
$list_array = array_merge($list_array, $array_to_add);
} else {
echo "File type must be TXT";
echo '<script type="text/javascript">alert("type must be txt"); </script>';
<title>My HTML todo list</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/site.css">
<h1>TODO list</h1>
<!-- prints each item in array & adds remove link -->
<? if (!empty($list_array)) : ?>
<? foreach ($list_array as $key => $value): ?>
<li><?=htmlspecialchars(strip_tags($value)); ?> <a href = 'todo_list.php?action=remove&amp;index=<?=$key?>'>remove</a></li>
<? endforeach; ?>
<? else: ?>
<?= "Your list is empty! Add some stuff!"; ?>
<? endif; ?>
<form method="POST" action="todo_list.php">
<label for="NewItem">New Todo item</label>
<input id="NewItem" name="NewItem" type="text">
<input type="submit">
<h2>Upload file</h2>
<form method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<label for="file1">File to upload: </label>
<input type="file" id="file1" name="file1">
<input type="submit" value="Upload">