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A flexible multi orientation HSL Color Sliders
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A flexible multi orientation HSL Color Sliders


GCColorSliders is created because there seems to be no good and flexible Color Sliders written in Objective-C out there. I wanted one that can be added as a small View instead of a whole ViewController. What better way to have that than to make it my own :D


Easy to use.

  1. Drag GCColorSliders.m and .h to your Project in XCode.
  2. Add a placeholder UIView in your storyboard where you want the bar to appear with actual size. Add the constraints accordingly. Connect IBOutlet of this view into your header file.
  3. #import "GCColorSliders.h" in your header file.
  4. Implement the GCColorSliders delegate.
  5. In viewDidLayoutSubviews of your viewController, add the following code to create the sliders:
   if (_runOnce) { // runOnce is to ensure the sliders are created once (see example project)
     _runOnce = NO;
     GCColorSliders *gcSliders1 = [[GCColorSliders alloc] initWithFrame:self.sliderView.frame
                                                                andTheme:[UIColor orangeColor]];
     [self.view addSubview:gcSliders1];
     [gcSliders1 setBackgroundColor:[UIColor darkGrayColor]];
     gcSliders1.delegate = self; // important!
  1. Implement delegate function:
-(void)GCColorSlidersColorSelected:(UIColor *)selectedColor {

    // selectedColor is the selected color. duhh...
  1. Done!


If you have questions, give a shout in the Discussion section. If you use this class, do send me a link to your app I'd love to see what you created with it.


Check out my XCode Tutorial Blog!

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