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Syslinux GIT repo; master is identical to upstream master
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Latest commit 7cd1ed6 @geneC Merge 'git://…

FIXME: this circumvents some of the issue but is not the cleanest and may
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codepage build: sort sources to build in a more deterministic way
com32 Merge 'git://…
core Merge 'git://…
devel Nindent: indent script from the NASM project
diag Makefile: Pass down the variable EFI_BUILD
doc doc/menu.txt: further corrections
dos build: sort sources to build in a more deterministic way
dosutil Test for Watcom C presence
efi efi: Disable UseDefaultAddress if possibly deaf
extlinux extlinux: code cleanup and simplification
gnu-efi @ ab54e2b gnu-efi: update to ab54e2b4
gpxe Add gpxe/ to clean-up targets
libfat elflink: merge these files
libinstaller libinstaller: introduce syslxrw library
linux libinstaller: introduce syslxrw library
lzo build: sort sources to build in a more deterministic way
man Merge branch 'syslinux-4.xx' into syslinux-5.xx
mbr bios: Use int 0x16, ah=0x02 to probe for shift flags
memdisk build: sort sources to build in a more deterministic way
mime/image Provide a shared MIME file for the LSS16 image format
mk Partial Revert: Still use .*.d deps
mtools libinstaller: introduce syslxrw library
sample Add per-firmware object directory support
tests Makefile: Pass down the variable EFI_BUILD
txt txt/syslinux.txt: --once
utils utils/isohybrid.c: Enable promised options -u, -m, -b
win installer: Add sparse address space annotations to the syslinux image
win32 build: sort sources to build in a more deterministic way
win64 build: sort sources to build in a more deterministic way
.gitignore .gitignore: Ignore the bios, efi32, efi64 object directories
.gitmodules gnu-efi: Add gnu-efi as a submodule
COPYING Updated the COPYING file to the last revision from GNU.
Makefile Makefile: Pass down the variable EFI_BUILD
Makefile.private Makefile.private: archive the gnu-efi submodule, too.
NEWS NEWS: Update for 6.03 release
README Delete 16-bit COMBOOT support
dummy.c Run Nindent on dummy.c sysdump: *actually* generate the proper version string Share the gen-id stuff between core and memdisk spec: Use BuildRequires, add diag/ subdirectory
version version: bump to 6.04/2015 Centralize more of the version number machinery


See the files in the doc directory for documentation about SYSLINUX:

	syslinux.txt	    - Usage instructions; manual.
	distrib.txt	    - For creators of Linux distributions.
	pxelinux.txt	    - Documentation specific to PXELINUX.
	isolinux.txt	    - Documentation specific to ISOLINUX.
	extlinux.txt	    - Documentation specific to EXTLINUX.
	menu.txt	    - About the menu systems.
	usbkey.txt	    - About using SYSLINUX on USB keys.
	memdisk.txt         - Documentation about MEMDISK.

Also see the files:

	NEWS		    - List of changes from previous releases.
	TODO		    - About features planned for future releases.
	COPYING		    - For the license terms of this software.

SYSLINUX now builds in a Linux environment, using nasm.  You need nasm
version 2.03 or later (2.07 or later recommended) to build SYSLINUX
from source.  See for information about nasm.

"utils/isohybrid" needs the UUID library and following header file,


You can get them from the "uuid-dev" package on Debian based systems
or from the "libuuid-devel" package on RPM based distributions.

There is now a mailing list for SYSLINUX.  See the end of syslinux.txt
for details.


   Copyright 1994-2011 H. Peter Anvin et al - All Rights Reserved

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 53 Temple Place Ste 330,
   Boston MA 02111-1307, USA; either version 2 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version; incorporated herein by reference.
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