GeneWeb is a genealogy software with a web interface created by Daniel de Rauglaudre. It can be installed locally on a stand-alone machine and on any web server.
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GeneWeb is a genealogy software with a Web interface. It can be used
off-line or as a Web service.

To compile, you need the Objective Caml compiler which can be found at:
and Camlp5 at:


	CHANGES		changes (for genealogists non programmers)
	ICHANGES	changes (for programmers)
	LICENSE		license notice
        configure       configure script
	Makefile	main Makefile
	README		this file
	INSTALL		installation file
	contrib		users contributions
	dag2html	library to create html trees
	doc		users' html documentation
	etc		additional files for distribution
	ged2gwb		converter GEDCOM -> GeneWeb
	gwb2ged		converter GeneWeb -> GEDCOM
	gwtp		CGI to upload and download databases
        launch          a launcher of the geneweb server
	hd		html and image files for GeneWeb program
	rpm		files to create Linux rpm packages
	setup		service (gwsetup) to launch commands in a Web navigator
	src		sources of main programs
	tools		tools for compiling
	wserver		library for creating Web services


All files marked in this distribution are Copyright (c) 1998-2011 INRIA
(Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique) and
distributed under the conditions stated in file LICENSE. They can be
freely redistributed for non-commercial purposes, provided the
copyright notice remains attached.


You can compile on Unix, Windows or MacOS X machines. See the file INSTALL
for installation instructions.


GeneWeb home page is at: