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Internal, very small, undocumented, or invisible changes
GeneWeb Version 5.02
GeneWeb Version 5.00
Preliminary remark: I neglected to record the Internal changes between
version 4.10 and 01 Jul 2005, but there are a lot of them... I add
them when I have some time (and some courage).
* GeneWeb server or CGI (gwd)
- [11 Dec 05] In update family form, when creating a new person, if
conflict, display now at most 50 persons.
- [04 Sep 05] Data base forum file can be splited in several files:
forum, forum.1, forum.2, and so on.
- [27 Aug 05] In marriage relation kind added "no sex check married".
- [22 Aug 05] Changed behaviour of displaying a surname : grouping
branches when grandchildren have same name (and not children).
- [15 Aug 05] Added some shortcuts ("Alt-U" for "update", "Alt-P"
for (update) "Person" and ""Alt-F" for "Update family"...)
- [08 Aug 05] Fixed bug: in normal access, in personal page,
some displayed children could have "x x" and not all for
however visible children. Due to combination of authorized_age
in and fast_auth_age in (2nd unuseful and
- [14 Jul 05] Fixed small bug: URL without index (";opt=no_index")
displayed "oc=" twice.
* Consanguinity computing (consang)
- [02 Jul 05] Fixed bug: when number of persons was greater than 1M,
the consang applied to a *modified* database failed by "Segmentation
fault" after the message "*** read persons". Bug at creation of
database. This was due to initial bad save of array header (OCaml
integer overflowed on sign).
* Dag2html
- [14 Aug 05] Fixed bug. Sometimes horiz bar linking two mates did
not appear in case of children exchange to nearer them. Had some
influence in relationship links "shortest path" because of cleaning
up the code by unifying parts coded differently.
* Setup program (gwsetup)
- [06 Dec 05] Added option -only to set the file containing the
only address authorized to connect (default = "only.txt" in
directory set by option -gd). Added option -bindir to specify
the directory where executables are installed (default = the
directory set by option -gd).
GeneWeb Version 4.10
* General
- [11 Aug 04] Some changes to make GeneWeb compilable by the new
ocaml, version 3.08.
* GeneWeb server or CGI (gwd)
- [04 Oct 04] Accept now JPEG files with header "Exif".
- [30 Sep 04] Changed decline system and updfam.txt and updind.txt to
allow sentences like "insert child/children", particularly in languages
with accusative form, like Esperanto (the translation correct being
"enmeti idon/idojn", "n" being added to "ido" and to "idoj")
- [10 Aug 04] Automatic reordering of marriages from the weddings date
in personal pages of witnesses.
- [30 Jul 04] When using CGI mode, added a way to delegate authentifi-
cation to the http server (apache).
- [16 Jul 04] Added code to prepare a possible version allowing to
manipulate any kinds of DAGs, not only the ones where people have
only two parents, for genealogy of other kinds than humans and animals.
- [12 Jul 04] In families forms, added shortcut for created persons:
when the birth place starts with "b/", the date and place are set
to the baptism instead of birth. Added also "~year" as equivalent
to "/year/" to indicate "about date".
- [01 Jul 04] Changed all gif files into png.
- [22 Jun 04] Fixed slowness of "find_free_occ" if many many
names in the list.
- [16 Jun 04] Added "history of updates" in wizards notes.
- [24 May 04] Display the wizards notes by last modification, and a
link has been added for alphabetic order.
- [13 May 04] Added index files snames.inx, snames.dat, fnames.inx
and fnames.dat to improve memory use in requests dispaying a surname
or a first name.
- [05 May 04] In URLs referencing somebody with his internal number
(i=...), added ";oc=n", n being his occurrence number (only if
wizard and n different from 0): useful for updates.
- [22 Mar 04] Fixed bug: surnames by alphabetic order failed when
surname starting with a space (case not expected).
- [03 Mar 04] Added new optional field in wizard and friend password
files. With an extra colon, gives user name, which is displayed by
default as ident in "forum add" and in wizard notes.
- [23 Feb 04] Submit in forum when wizard or friend is now in two
buttons, instead of "Ok".
- [16 Feb 04] Fixed bug: in ascend pages, the image link remained
even if cgl on.
- [12 Feb 04] Changed method output of "patches" file: instead of
1/ renaming "patches" into "patches~" 2/ writing "patches", which
can be dangerous (writing of "patches" file can fail in the middle
and therefore the database is no more accessible) or creating
temporary bad accesses ("Internal message: end of file"). Now it:
1/ writes the file "1patches" 2/ renames "patches" into "patches~"
3/ renames "1patches" into "patches". Why didn't I do it earlier?
- [24 Jan 04] Improved much memory usage on large databases by adding
an access file (name.acc) of the names index (name.inx). Built when
database created or after consang. Still work if name.acc does not
exist yet (in this case, no optimization, of course). Very sensitive
when searching somebody by name, first name or surname.
- [24 Jan 04] Improved speed on large databases and/or no memory
enough by removing some of the codes "let _ = ()"
which where supposed to improve speed but using much memory (several
tenths of MB in my database 600K persons, instead of about 8MB without
this code).
- [05 Jan 04] Now, when database notes are modified, an intermediate
page is displayed with a link to the "notes" page, instead of the
"notes" page itself (to be consistent with other updates pages).
- [23 Dec 03] Nicer calendars page.
- [23 Dec 03] Optimization: suppressed no-loop-check for added or
modified marriages when it is not necessary (for big databases,
this check can take much time and memory).
- [23 Dec 03] Added "no mention" in marriage kinds (display only
"with ...", instead of "married with", "relationship with"...)
- [15 Dec 03] Added ability to add parameter ";title=..." in URL
to display a title for pages which have no titles.
- [07 Dec 03] French revolution year is now displayed in French as "an"
instead of "année".
- [22 Nov 03] Improved speed in relation by shortest path (computing
of "next" links were not optimized).
- [14 Nov 03] Improved speed of displaying by first name or by surname
when many changes have been done (file "patches" is big).
- [25 Sep 03] Added ability to put macros of start.txt in "motd"
(in general macros in variables defined by macro %V); useful for
example to put a "motd" for only wizards.
- [26 Aug 03] In the titles in display by surname, the surnames are
now displayed in alphabetic order.
- [17 Jul 03] Added URL variable "alwsurn": if "yes" the surnames
are always displayed in display by surname and in descendants
(same behaviour than the configuration variable "always_surname").
- [15 Jul 03] Changed the personal image URL: now displays an HTML
page with the image inside without width and height bounds (before,
the image URL displayed the image itself, but it does not work with
all browsers).
- [07 Jul 03] Changed "wrap=virtual" into "wrap=soft" in textareas.
- [31 May 03] Fixed little problem which can be dangerous: in case
of empty line in wizard (or friend) authorization file, everybody
is wizard (or friend).
- [01 Apr 03] Fixed bug for personal pages template: the macro
"%prefix_no_templ" had the bad side effect to make the possible
"templ=" removed in all the %prefix macros following it in the
template file (perso.txt).
- [06 Mar 03] Fixed bug: in the template perso.txt, the boolean value
child.has_children did not work correctly.
- [14 Feb 03] Changed the ability to send messages to wizards (see
the change of [24 Dec 01]). Now the message files must be in the
databases directory, sub-directory "etc", sub-sub-directory having
the name of the database. The file named "mess_wizard_user.txt"
is displayed to the wizard named "user" and the file named
"mess_wizard.txt" is displayed to all wizards.
- [06 Feb 03] Fixed bug: in displaying by slices, if the person's name
contained quotes (for example), the coding/decoding did not work
correctly and the button "OK" resulted in bad request.
- [30 Jan 03] Added option -min_disp_req
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc)
- [05 Aug 04] Save memory in creating database by saving "persons"
data in files.
* GeneWeb uncompiler (gwu)
- [04 May 04] Fixed small bug displaying in reverse order isolated
persons with relations, resulting no fixpoint when doing gwc/gwu.
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [12 Feb 03] Fixed problem with places containing only spaces: now
replaced with empty strings.
* Setup program (gwsetup)
- [08 Dec 03] Fixed problem of output files containing spaces.
- [17 Sep 03] Added interface for option -uin (code from Olivier
- [07 Mar 03] Fixed bug: the -lang parameter of gwsetup did not work
when option -daemon was set.
- [12 Feb 03] Added double quotes around directories for information
* GeneWeb databases Transfer Program (gwtp)
- [08 Dec 03] Added option -noup to forbid uploads.
GeneWeb Version 4.09
* GeneWeb server or CGI (gwd)
- [30 Dec 02] In history of updates, added in HTML comments the person's
first name/surname/number.
- [23 Dec 02] Now, gwd can definitively fail if errors Unix.EBADF or
Unix.ENOTSOCK on "accept", because they make the server loop with the
same error message. I don't know why it happens sometimes.
- [18 Dec 02] Save now a file named base_u.txt in the cnt directory,
recording the latest wizards updates.
GeneWeb Version 4.08
* Compilation
- [29 Nov 02] Added option -warn-error for compilation with ocamlc and
* GeneWeb server or CGI (gwd)
- [09 Dec 02] Added code in in order that, in the display by
surname, the order is by birth date if "order=d" is added in the URL
(code by Ludovic Ledieu).
- [28 Nov 02] Fixed bug in displaying relationship by marriage: in
the text "are at the same time case1 case2" the "case2" where
sometimes false (problems of declinations, in particular).
- [22 Nov 02] Added ability to add inline translations in template
files (inline translations are parts of text starting with "["
immediately followed by a newline, explicit translations in
languages (one by line), and ending "]").
- [14 Nov 02] Fixed bug: in notes, the spaces were incorrectly stripped.
- [14 Nov 02] Changed links in forum so that the URL for "next message"
is the same as the URL in the forum main page. This way, it is
indicated as "visited" the same way.
- [13 Nov 02] Renamed some flags names (had old shortcut names).
- [08 Nov 02] Changed in Util.string_with_macros the filtering of
tags: now positive list (good_tags_list) instead of negative
list (dangerous_tags_list): this is better protection against present
and future HTML tags.
- [07 Nov 02] The option -images_url did not apply in pages from the
"DOC" link. Fixed.
- [26 Oct 02] Some cleanup in src/, using more strings than
- [18 Oct 02] One space too many when displaying French Revolution
and Hebrew dates.
- [14 Oct 02] Fixed problem of displaying consanguinities: sometimes
displayed a lot of digits (too much precision).
- [04 Oct 02] When entering a complete name (first name + surname), if
the spelling does not match, display now an intermediate page ("specify")
even if there is only one matching person.
- [16 Sep 02] Fixed bug: the "renamed" variable did not work.
- [19 Aug 02] Fixed a declination problem in phrase (e.g. in German):
grand-parents of the spouse of s.o.
which was incorrectly translated:
Großeltern von der Ehemann von s.o
("der" was displayed instead of "dem")
* Base configuration files (base.gwf)
- [03 Oct 02] Fixed bug: when variable "always_surnames" is "yes", did
not however displayed the surname when several marriages.
* Lexicon (lang/lexicon.txt)
- [18 Nov 02] Merged "%1 of %2" and "%1 of (same or...) %1" into one
only entry "%1 of %2"; the second case being separated with the first
one by a slash.
- [26 Sep 02] Added 2 phrases (months) in Russian (Eric Kvaalen).
- [25 Jul 02] Fixed and completed some phrases in Russian (Yuri Gavaga).
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [22 Aug 02] Fixed bug with option -ls: when the surname held "ß" the
following character was converted into uppercase.
* Setup program (gwsetup)
- [14 Nov 02] Added ability to more use the lexicon; added some
phrases; simplified some template files thanks to that.
- [03 Nov 02] Added macro "%Lxx;" replaced by the language whose id
is "xx" by its translation in the current language. Use it in template
files "gwd.htm" and "gwf_1.htm". Added in the gwsetup lexicon the
entry "!languages", the same than the one of the gwd lexicon.
GeneWeb Version 4.07
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [17 May 02] In ancestor horizontally displaying, added a table with
- [13 Apr 02] Fixed problem of displaying "ancestors of xx", "descendants
of xx" and "cousins of xx" when "xx" is a name with declinations.
- [09 Apr 02] Does not index any more the "public name" when there is
no title. Added display of misc names in personal page if opt=misc
in the URL.
- [26 Mar 02] Does not fail any more if the file cnt/actlog is not
- [22 Mar 02] Fixed bug in the index of the descendants: they were no
more displayed by families.
* Setup program (gwsetup)
- [20 Jun 02] Changed the macro prefix from "$" into "%", because of
a small problem: the CVS macro $Id was also interpreted (generated
a BAD MACRO text: not a problem since it was in comments, but...).
- [13 Apr 02] Added a "lexicon.txt" file, in order to be able to
accept different languages with characters encodings different
from iso-8859-1 and for future possible use of translations common
to several template files.
* General
- [11 Mar 02] Big cleanup of the code, changing French named identifiers
into English.
GeneWeb Version 4.06
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [08 Mar 02] Added option -trace_failed_passwd.
- [05 Mar 02] Changed implementation of the bug fix about the
"disconnection" when inserting children: removed the bufferization.
A simpler solution was just to shutdown "SEND" the socket, read
the possible answer, and then shutdown "RECEIVE". The change with
version 4.04 (two versions before) is then just the reading of the
browser answer: this was because it was not read that the browser
was unhappy.
GeneWeb Version 4.05
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [24 Feb 02] Added <table><tr><td nowrap> in display by surname, to
avoid that the lines be folded. Replaced the <nobr> I had suppressed
some time ago because it was not standard.
- [26 Jan 02] The "calendars" page shows the time (of the server machine).
- [20 Jan 02] Use of dates order (according to the language) in calendars
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [26 Feb 02] Some changes in witnesses (did not work any more), added
the ability to be witness several times, fixed problems of dates
written as text in titles.
- [26 Feb 02] Fixed bug: did not import date FROM BET 1487 AND 1488.
I am not sure it is correct gedcom but it can happen in title date
* GeneWeb to Gedcom (gwb2ged) and Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [20 Jan 02] Fixed bug when converting from and to ansel encoding:
the German character es-tsett needed to be converted.
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc) and Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [10 Jan 02] Warranty that the index (istr) number of the empty string
is 0 and of the string "?" is 1.
* GeneWeb databases Transfer Program (gwtp)
- [30 Jan 02] Grouped the two languages en and fr in common templates.
* Setup program (gwsetup)
- [04 Feb 02] When extracting a file (source or gedcom), take now the
base name (the possible directory part is removed).
* All executables
- [10 Jan 02] No more statically linked by default.
* Template files
- [20 Jan 02] Fixed bug in perso.txt: has_image worked only for the
current person.
GeneWeb Version 4.04
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [31 Dec 01] Fixed bug: [*(month)]10 did not work in templates, because
only one character was scanned.
- [24 Dec 01] Added ability to create a file named "base_user_mess.txt"
where base is the data base name, user a wizard name: in this case
the connected wizard receive the contents of this file at each page
which he receives.
- [20 Dec 01] Added "align=left" to all "<tr>" tags because some
browsers display them centered by default.
- [10 Dec 01] In configuration file (base.gwf), if the variable
"expand_env" is set to "yes" ("no" by default), the system
environment variables are expanded in the values of the customized
variables (whose name start with "var_"). The syntax for environment
variables si ${xxx} where xxx is the environment variable. See the
example configuration file a.gwf of the distribution.
- [17 Dec 01] Added request variables "by=", "bm=" and "bd=" in displaying
of the latest birthdays and death days to specify resp. a year, a month
and a day before.
- [05 Dec 01] Fixed bug: when merging a person with family with a
person with neuter sex, failed (assertion error).
- [27 Sep 01] Added "%image_txt;" as variable in perso.txt. Return the
person key used as default image name.
- [19 Sep 01] Shorter names for variables in update family form, in order
to have a shorter communication length and perhaps that it works better
with internet explorer.
- [19 Sep 01] Trace: too big texts in referer now cut.
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [05 Dec 01] Deletion of heading and trailing spaces in some fields. It
resulted fields (occupation, sources) having just a space and gwu exported
bad results.
* GeneWeb databases Transfer Program (gwtp)
- [05 Oct 01] Added other acceptable tags in trl files: ul, ol, li, table,
tr, td.
* Compilation
- [07 Sep 01] All executables are now compiled static (no dynamic library)
* Everywhere
- [27 Nov 01] Changed all "data base" into "database". I am too bad in
English... :-)
GeneWeb Version 4.03
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [06 Aug 01] Removed <nobr></nobr> in descendants display.
- [13 Jul 01] In auth files, added ability to add a ':' after the password
followed by a comment.
- [11 Jul 01] Added trace of latest connected friends base_f.txt if there
is a friend password file. (already exist for wizards)
* Lexicon (lang/lexicon.txt)
- [14 Jul 01] Added phrase "undefined sex for %t".
* GeneWeb databases Transfer Program (gwtp)
- [13 Jul 01] Added "wizard_just_friend" which is now configurable under
GeneWeb Version 4.02
* General
- [12 May 01] Added a directory "contrib".
* Compilation
- [17 Apr 01] Added tools/ because the Camlp4 revised syntax
has changed for sequences. Allow to compile with both old and new versions
of Camlp4.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [17 Jun 01] Fixed problem in display by places/surnames when surnames
have declinations: were displayed with their declinations instead of
the nominative form.
- [03 Jun 01] Fixed inverted alphabetic order of first name for index
of descendants and spouses.
- [01 Jun 01] Changed displaying in forum: the header are displayed by
groups of two months, in order that the changes of the tables sizes
in a new month be invisible.
- [12 May 01] In request names by alphabetic order (short display), added
ability to add ";atleast=xx" where xx is a number, to display only names
having at least xx individuals.
- [03 May 01] Rewrote some parts of in a cleaner and surer way.
- [21 Apr 01] Added small test in in case of request with
bad fef parameter to avoid request failure.
- [21 Apr 01] Changed robot traces (sorted by number of requests).
- [15 Apr 01] In case of overflow while counting relationships, now display
*** (instead of the number which overflowed).
- [08 Apr 01] In forum headers displaying, put one table for each date,
in order that we don't have to wait the end of the table to see the
first messages
* Lexicon (lang/lexicon.txt)
- [25 Apr 01] Deleted some not so important phrases used only in
anniversaries of dead people: "of the birth" (using "birth") and
"of the death", "of the murder", "of the execution", "of the
disappearance" (using "death").
* Setup program (gwsetup)
- [09 Apr 01] Changed word "configurate" (which does not exist!) into
- [08 Apr 01] fr/gw2gd.htm: fixed errored message
GeneWeb Version 4.01
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [01 Apr 01] The URL to access GeneWeb images does not contains the "?"
character any more (in this case, all browser will put hopefully put
them in their cache).
- [23 Mar 01] The log count is now displayed in the traces before the
- [20 Mar 01] Added + as possible character in an URL.
- [15 Mar 01] Added file "alias_lg" in lang directory to specify aliases
for languages.
GeneWeb Version 4.00
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [10 Mar 01] When sending an image with wrong content type, display
that content type in an error page.
- [20 Feb 01] Added option '-images_dir': works like '-images_url' but
the parameter is a directory (absolute or relative to the -hd directory),
where the images are supposed to be. This has been added to be able to
add file:// accesses to images in Windows version.
- [14 Feb 01] Fixed problem in lexicon: declinations were missing, e.g.
combinations "merge persons" or "switch families" did not work in
- [13 Feb 01] If "propose_add_family" is "no" in config file, forbid
to add families not connected to the rest (i.e. "ok" on "add family"
form when everybody is "create").
- [12 Feb 01] In list of all persons sharing same title, the "tree" link
is proposed also for browser without tables.
- [07 Feb 01] Fixed problem in dag2html. Had to add functions
(shorten_too_long and bottom_adjust) to shorten too long branches
which may appear in the algorithm.
* Lexicon (lang/lexicon.txt)
- [01 Mar 01] The existing trailing spaces at end of lines are deleted.
Now gwd and the other utilities accept the line "xx:" without trailing
space as an empty translation.
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc)
- [14 Feb 01] Delete empty titles (titles with empty identifier)
* Template files
- [16 Feb 01] Changed "%origin_file;": displays just the origin file (if
wizard). The test "opt=from" is now done in perso.txt by eval_opt = "from"
(new syntax).
GeneWeb Version 3.11
* Images
- [03 Feb 01] Installed a much smaller GeneWeb logo.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [31 Jan 01] Changed default mac_anc_tree to 7 (instead of 5)
- [20 Jan 01] Added request "m=KILL_ANC" to kill someone's ancestors.
Allowed only if variable "can_kill_ancestors" is set to "yes" in the
configuration file. Not documented because need interface with buttons,
links, intermediate pages to ask for confirmation, things like that.
- [30 Dec 00] When option redirected used, the traces now display the
- [27 Dec 00] Fixed problem: age at death were sometimes not displayed when
it should have to be.
- [19 Dec 00] Fixed several problems of declinations appearing in esperanto
version (e.g. texts "parents", "notes").
* Lexicon (lang/lexicon.txt)
- [21 Jan 01] Changed phrase "up to" to accept ask for declination. Changed
the translation in Czech (Hanus Adler) to indicate the good declination
after it.
* Setup program (gwsetup)
- [30 Dec 00] Fixed information file about how to put a background image,
the URL to use and the directory were wrong (obsolete).
* GeneWeb databases Transfer Program (gwtp)
- [05 Feb 01] Added a trace in case of error. So far, there were no
traces, it just stopped.
GeneWeb Version 3.10
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [28 Nov 00] Fixed problem in relationship displaying in German; sometimes
displayed "ein:d:+em" in the text.
- [26 Nov 00] In merging persons the default selected number is now 1/ the
lowest if the first names are the same or 2/ the first one if the first
names are different.
- [18 Nov 00] Changed inference of origin file: trying to link to father
or mother's other marriages first.
- [10 Nov 00] Fixed bug in titles tree: when the same person appeared
several times in the title list, the title tree showed his last order
number instead of his (more logicial) first order number.
* Installation by Linux rpm
- [07..09 Nov 00] Many improvements. See geneweb.spec changelog
GeneWeb Version 3.09
* General
- [29 Oct 00] Added useful function list_iter_first. Deleted functions
applied to list to accept old versions of OCaml: now, it is necessary
to compile with at least version 3.00.
- [12 Oct 00] Changed all "nick_name" into "qualifier" in all source files.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [31 Oct 00] Created the request "m=RLM" followed by the list of persons
to link two by two to create arbitrary dags (i1=...;i2=...;i3=... and so
on). Besides, the new code for initializing dags seems to be less bugged,
giving better results for example in relationships by shortest path.
- [30 Oct 00] In changed the part computing the relationship
by shortest path to get a function returning the result instead of
displaying it and raising a "Found" exception.
* GeneWeb uncompiler (gwu)
- [02 Nov 00] Filter tabulations.
* Consanguinity computing (consang)
- [28 Oct 00] Put constants in progress bar (option -q) to have a more
readable code.
GeneWeb Version 3.08
* Makefile
- [29 Aug 00] Added variable DESTDIR to represent the distribution directory
(request from Debian packagers).
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [22 Sep 00] Fixed gwd traces in case of cgi access with user:passwd;
now display the user name in traces, not just the fact he is wizard
or friend.
- [14 Sep 00] Replaced macros %d and %t by %s followed by the
configuration variable and semicolon: resp. %spropose_add_family; and
%spropose_titles;. Same change in start.txt files.
- [13 Sep 00] For etc files (e.g. personal index.txt), added macros: %+
to increment a counter and %# to display it.
- [12 Sep 00] In traces suspension points for long requests are applied
in the middle instead of at end.
- [25 Aug 00] Fixed option -redirect: did not apply to all requests
- [22 Aug 00] Added test: no more display "age at death" if negative
(because of erroneous dates).
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [23 Sep 00] Fixed bug: if GIVN = first name, should have ignored it,
but did not.
* GeneWeb databases Transfer Program (gwtp)
- [06 Sep 00] Added ability to change the default language.
- [22 Aug 00] Fixed bug: worked only if the CGI name was gwtp (could not
be gwtp.cgi, for example). Fixed also the distribution: template files
used by gwtp (3 files ending with .txt) were not installed. Fixed also
a problem: when downloading a file, the proposed name for the file was
not the good one (a trick was used but worked only with Netscape, not
IE); changed the same thing for images in gwd.
GeneWeb Version 3.07
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [12 Aug 00] For relationlinks by shortest path, if "cancel GeneWeb
links" is selected, now it is applied to all pages browsed by ">>".
- [12 Aug 00] Added also check baptism date to determine public and
- [08 Aug 00] In first names by alphabetic order for a given surname,
use now (the translation of) "%1 of %2" instead of "of".
- [26 Jul 00] Fixed detail in Wserver: closed socket before callback
in order to allow the callback to fork processes without being blocked
- [25 Jul 00] Restructured Wserver to be cleaner and to save memory
when sending big files.
- [19 Jul 00] Message "Ready" of gwd display now date as yyyy-mm-dd.
- [12 Jul 00] Refreshes with possible good address when bad character in
base name (e.g. instead of
- [12 Jul 00] "Server" answer separate "GeneWeb" and version number with
a slash.
GeneWeb Version 3.06
* Setup program (gwsetup)
- [28 Jun 00] Take only the 1st two characters of the language given.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [12 Jul 00] Added "GeneWeb" and version in server answer.
- [11 Jul 00] The first nobility title in personal page is no more
- [23 Jun 00] Added the macro %u in trailer files (base.trl) which is
expanded as the current URL.
- [22 Jun 00] Added, in the system of translation in welcome page with [],
the ability to put an entry holding %d, with parameter after the []
between parentheses. Allows to have one common version of the paragraph
"anniversaries" (and co).
- [17 Jun 00] Suppressed traces of rejected robots failing on password
* Welcome pages (*/start.txt)
- [12 Jul 00] Completed Esperanto version
- [21 Jun 00] The texts after "You can also consult" are now the same
for all the welcome pages and translated from the lexicon.
GeneWeb Version 3.05
* General
- [08 Jun 00] Strip executables.
- [07 May 00] The files CHANGES and LICENSE now end with .txt.
* Gwsetup program
- [06 Jun 00] Hacked to fix a problem in clean up: the file cleanup_err.htm
is missing in all languages! Used "bsi_err.htm" instead.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [04 Jun 00] Check about titles dates no more done against the death date,
since titles can be given after death.
- [19 May 00] Added a small + in display ancestors horizontally. Seems
more pretty :-)
- [17 May 00] Fixed problem of the request "robots.txt": the lines ends
were "ctrl-o ctrl-j" instead of "ctrl-m ctrl-j (\r\n).
- [14 May 00] Does not fail any more ("document contains no data") when
the "cnt" directory has no access permissions.
- [10 May 00] Changed traces when wizards, friends, global accesses.
- [10 May 00] Reply now "no access" for attempt of access to database
in CGI mode when base auth file defined (because that works only in
server mode).
- [04 May 00] Dates "or year" and "year interval" are shortly displayed
now as "ca y1/y2" instead of just "ca y1".
* GeneWeb uncompiler (gwu)
- [16 May 00] Added options -sep and -sep_limit to be able to separate
families in different files.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd) and uncompiler (gwu)
- [03 May 00] Delete possible trailing space or newline at end of sources
(code missing in some places).
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [09 May 00] Added notes CONC when sons (e.g. 2 CONC following 1 CONC).
GeneWeb Version 3.04
* General
- [12 Apr 00] Cleaned up the code to provide a version without process
nor threads (ifdef NO_PROCESS). Can prepare a possible Macintosh
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd) and welcome files (lang/*/start.txt)
- [23 Apr 00] Added macro %m = value of "latest_event" of base.gwf and
put links "m=LB;k=%m" "m=LD;k=%m" "m=LM;k=%m" in welcome pages, so
showing the default value and indicating (to smart people) the way to
change it in the URL.
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc)
- [28 Apr 00] Cut possible trailing spaces in some input fields
* GeneWeb uncompiler (gwu)
- [02 Apr 00] Fixed problem in gwu: families could be written several
times if phony spouses with several marriages.
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc) and uncompiler (gwu)
- [02 Apr 00] Added some missing "quote_escaped" in (bug
about quotes)
- [30 Mar 00] In latest births, skip a line after future births if any.
- [23 Mar 00] Generates "csrc" if at least two children have the same
#src value (save file length). Added "cbp", idem for the birth place
(#bp value).
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [10 Apr 00] Applies now "-fne" before "-efn".
GeneWeb Version 3.03
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [20 Mar 00] Generates "pz,nz,ocz" instead of "iz" (Sosa reference) when
- [16 Mar 00] Added "zur" as particle.
- [16 Mar 00] Improved the inferring of origin_file field when updating
a family. Now searches also among other marriages.
- [05 Mar 00] Changed images request, because it was possible to display
the images even for private persons ("friend" security hole).
Consequently, there are now two forms of the "m=IM" requests: one for
persons (images accessed in directory "bd/images/base"), one for
other images (images accessed in directory "bd/images" or "hd/images").
Other consequence: background images must *not* be put in bd/images/base
- [05 Mar 00] In m=RL, added ability to add ";tab=on" or ";tab=off" to
force printing with or without tables.
- [23 Feb 00] Fixed bug: in notes, when "<a" and "href" were separated
by a newline instead of space, it was not considered to be in the
tag "a href" and if followed by "http://" could erroneously generate a
- [21 Feb 00] Add a + for dead people without date, even if their
birth date clearly shows that they must be dead.
- [09 Feb 00] Added link to welcome in anniversaries pages.
- [02 Feb 00] Fixed little problem in anniversaries: when other
calendars than Gregorian (e.g. Julian), could select "anniversary"
even for persons having only the year in their date (fixed by testing
the field "delta" in the date record).
- [01 Feb 00] Added indentation in forum to make it more readable.
- [25 Jan 00] Display the number of persons in some more pages. Don't
display it when number <= 1.
- [25 Jan 00] Changed the limit for public persons to 150 years instead
of 100 years: persons must have been born and dead before 150 years
to be public.
- [21 Jan 00] When searching for somebody, if several persons have
this name, display name of spouses for men also.
- [20 Jan 00] Fixed omission in 'advanced.txt': I forgot to change
the [not dead] into [alive].
- [19 Jan 00] In traces, display dates in standard, i.e. using -
instead of / in year-month-day.
- [22 Mar 00] Fixed bug: if interruption (break, control C) between
the display of "*** ok" and the end, the base is lost without save.
- [22 Mar 00] In option "-q" display a rotating wheel.
* GeneWeb uncompiler (gwu)
- [19 Mar 00] Convert newlines into spaces for fields supposed not to
contain newlines (e.g. sources).
- [27 Feb 00] Deleted backward compatibility giving "main title" according
to the title name.
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [19 Feb 00] The option "-ds" applies now to families too.
* GeneWeb to Gedcom (ged2gwb)
- [22 Mar 00] Now faster, by preloading "unions" and "descends".
* Lexicon (lang/lexicon.txt) and welcome pages (lang/*/start.txt)
- [21 Jan 00] Changed "anniversaries of dead" into "annivesaries of death"
- [13 Jan 00] Changed "living" into "alive"
GeneWeb Version 3.02
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Jan 15, 00] Big acceleration of some dags displays by setting a
smaller threshold (10 instead of 15) in
- [Jan 14, 00] No more hypertext link for spouses and all relations in
relationlink computing page.
- [Jan 11, 00] Put a separation (<td>&nbsp;</td>) between the two branches
in simple relationship displaying.
- [Jan 9, 00] Centered title "genealogical database".
- [Jan 9, 00] Added the ability to add ";td=bgcolor=xxx" in URL when
printing a dag. Color the square of the person.
- [Jan 5, 00] Added the ability to add ";bd=n" (n >= 1) in URL when
printing a dag. Put a square around each person of the tree.
- [Dec 14, 99] No more compatibility with old relationship request form e=...
- [Dec 14, 99] Changed things so that adding ";em=R;ep=fn;en=sn" in
the URL generates relationship computing with "fn sn" in welcome page
and in notes (already worked for many other page kinds).
* Lexicon
- [Jan 14, 00] Deleted entry "his wife/her husband": use now "husband/wife"
in all cases.
GeneWeb Version 3.01
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Dec 2, 99] Added a system of "areas" in databases protected by
a password, based on the name of the ".gw" files => works only
for databases created with "gwc".
- [Nov 23, 99] Fixed problem of selecting a first name: sometimes it
did not work. Used "Name.lower" instead of "Name.strip_lower" for the
list for a future selection.
- [Nov 19, 99] Fixed bug: redirected service and renamed service messages
did not work in cgi mode
- [Nov 13, 99] Added some checks of access tables out of bounds
- [Nov 13, 99] Added link to welcome page in case of not found
- [Nov 9, 99] Chop suffix ".gwb" if the base name has it in URL
- [Nov 6, 99] The URL for the "up" image now independent from the database
- [Nov 5, 99] Red display title for not found persons.
- [Nov 5, 99] Lengthened the height of the database notes area.
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc) and uncompiler (gwu)
- [Nov 9, 99] Fixed problem for titles holding the character colon. The
gwc raised syntax error.
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [Nov 8, 99] Fixed little problem with TITL field: could sometimes create
bad titles names without label an place for gedcoms not coming from
* Lexicon
- [Nov 23, 99] Added entry "maximum". Deleted entry "max %d generations".
Changed entry "generation" into "generation/generations".
GeneWeb Version 3.00
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Nov 1, 99] Print relations only for friends and wizards.
- [Oct 31, 99] Added macro %k for images in order to have the same request
for any database in any language. And several changes to make the DOC
request independent from the database.
- [Oct 25, 99] Modified the treatment of nth (overflowing after 100)
to display the number itself (better than just "n-th").
- [Oct 25, 99] Commented the loading of the whole persons and families
arrays in "": supposed to make things go faster but consumming
13M in my database when clicking on "descendants" for anybody.
- [Oct 15, 99] Added a check of month day in gregorian dates.
- [Oct 9, 99] Added a "suicide" request: if exists in the request,
the sender go the the robot black list... by setting a hidden URL with
that in pages, I can detect them... ha ha ha.
- [Oct 9, 99] Fixed bug in "": for the page "specify" the
normal chronological order sometimes did not work correctly.
- [Oct 6, 99] When displaying ascend tree in Lynx, changed disposition
so that it is displayed in decreasing order of Sosa number.
* Consanguinity computing (consang)
- [Oct 6, 99] Improved it to save memory.
GeneWeb Version 2.07
* Gwsetup program
- [Sep 25, 99] While saving a ".gwf" file, add the variables not treated
in the form, but present in the file.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Sep 30, 99] When modifying a person, does not keep the notes when
his first name or surname hold a "?" since it cannot not saved in
GeneWeb source files.
- [Sep 29, 99] Errorred when clicking on surnames by alphabetic order
on empty databases. Fixed.
- [Sep 28, 99] Forgot sharp (#) as possible character in URLs. Fixed.
- [Sep 26, 99] Fixed bug of ordering persons by dates in "specify" page.
GeneWeb Version 2.06
* General
- [Aug 31, 99] Changed internal representation of databases to add
"notes origin file" and "sources" for global notes.
- [Aug 16, 99] Now "make" does "make opt". To run the older "make"
do "make out". The installation tells to run "make" (i.e. "make opt").
The previous installation version told to run "make" and "make opt"
but it is unuseful to run both.
* Setup program and GeneWeb daemon
- [Aug 16, 99] In distribution (make distrib), creates "setup" and "gwd"
as shell script wrappers under Unix and .bat files wrappers under Windows.
Added the executable "setup" in "gw" directory as name "gwsetup".
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Aug 30, 99] To make the new option "-no_pit" of ged2gwb, had to change
the policy of private/public/iftitles.
- [Aug 21, 99] Added request mode "TREE" to display general tree; no
interface for it for the moment...
- [Aug 17, 99] If option "-auth" used, print the password area like in
cgi mode (i.e. an input area instead of hypertexts triggering a window
for password), because the auth password and the wizard/friend password
are contradictory.
- [Aug 17, 99] In display by first name or surname, when several spellings
are found, display them in decreasing frequence order.
- [Aug 14, 99] In, for start.txt files, added "o" macro
(print if notes) and ability to decline verb + noun ([verb][noun]
without space between 1st ] and snd [).
- [Aug 8, 99] Improved -robot_xcl option (to exclude impolite robots).
- [Aug 7, 99] Fixed bad behavior: in welcome pages, proposed "wizard" to
to wizards when the flag "wizard_just_friend" was set.
* GeneWeb to Gedcom (gwb2ged)
- [Aug 31, 99] For adoptive parents, does not generate a CHIL field any
more in adoptive parents family.
GeneWeb Version 2.05
* General
- [Jul 22, 99] Added functions p_first_name and p_surname to prepare
installation of declined forms for names. Hope it works one day (not
- [Jul 15, 99] Changed internal reprentation of strings in databases:
no more use of ansel encoding, returning back to version 1.06. Should
not change anything to normal users. This was done because of too
many drawbacks (many displaying bugs, code more complicated) against
too few advantages (displaying supposed to be correct when mixing
various encodings). Anyway, code is smaller.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Aug 6, 99] Dates in traces are now yyyy/mm/dd instead of dd/mm/yyyy
- [Aug 5, 99] Restored the system of robot exclusion (had been deleted
in version 1.10).
- [Aug 3, 99] Increased speed of clicking on "ancestors" by pre-loading the
arrays "ascends" and "couples". [Aug 5, 99] Idem with "descendants" by
pre-loading "persons" and "families".
- [Aug 3, 99] In ancestors and descendants pages moved the "Ok" near the
selection popup menu.
- [Jul 28, 99] In update family forms, shortened the names of the variables
"first_name" and "surname" into "fn" and "sn".
- [Jul 23, 99] Check translated formats (phrases holding %'s) displaying
the initial format if failed (instead of scratching).
- [Jul 9, 99] Changed request syntax for cousins: "v1=#" instead of "v=#"
and ability to ask for "v1=#;v2=#" for uncles and nephews...
- [Jul 2..Aug 2, 99] Added "access_by_key" in "base.gwf" files to generate
accesses by keys instead of index in the person array (which can change
when recompiling the base), allowing to update the database without
disturbing the users accessing it.
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc)
- [Jul 20, 99] Translated into English some variables and functions whose
names where in French or in mixed French-English.
GeneWeb Version 2.04
* Installation
- [Jun 30, 99] Added "README.txt" (English) and "ALIRE.txt" (French) in
distribution just to say that you have to launch the program "setup".
GeneWeb Version 2.03
* New
- [May 30, 99] Added program "fpla": first parentless ancestors. Given
a database, displays the Sosa number of the first ancestor without
parent. Sorted by Sosa numbers: the first displayed person is therefore
the person whose ancestors list is the most complete.
* Setup program
- [May 12, 99] Added "charset=iso-8859-1" in headers (undefined, before).
- [May 11, 99] Give up the second command of base recovery when the first
one returns an error code.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Jun 2, 99] Deleted the "&nbsp;" added between "on" (or any preposition
before a date) and a date. Reasons: 1/ it was not absolutely necessary,
2/ there was a problem with the empty Swedish translation of "on (year)"
the translation of "dead on 1953" was "död &nbsp;1953" resulting on the
displaying of two spaces.
- [May 23, 99] Deleted supposed unuseful code, particularly in MergeIndOk,
to make code cleaner, hopefully not introducing bugs.
- [May 23, 99] Added renitialization of field "consang" when modifying
families to prepare new version of program "consang" (minimalist).
- [May 18, 99] Added thousand separator for displaying of number of persons
in the welcome page.
* GeneWeb uncompiler (gwu)
- [May 28, 99] Fixed missing newlines when the initial sources came from
several files and the option -odir was not used.
* Compilation
- [May 23, 99] Separed consang computation in another file "".
- [May 12,99] Fixed YAAP (yet another accent problem...)
- [May 8, 99] Added "make opt" case in "setup" to build optimized versions.
GeneWeb Version 2.02
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [May 4, 99] If default_lang of some base (file "base.gwf") is empty
set it to default_lang of command "gwd" (was set before only when
default_lang was not defined). Changed for the "setup" program.
- [May 2, 99] Fixed small uncomfortable feature: when a new couple was
added with new (created) persons, then modified to add existing
children, the field "origin_file" was not updated for the family.
The result is when using "gwu -odir" this new family was displayed
on standard output instead of saved in the origin file of a child.
- [May 1, 99] Fixed behavior in updating persons form for burial.
- [Apr 28, 99] Fixed fragile part of code that reads the lexicon. Raised
'Invalid_argument "String.sub"' if the lexicon held lines interpreted
as keys but of string length < 4. The lexicon should not, but if it
is corrupted for some reason, this was not a good error message!
- [Apr 28, 99] Added the ability to add a file named "refuse.txt" to
explain reasons of gwd exclusion.
- [Apr 24, 99] Don't print "+" in short dates for died person if there is
no death date and if the person is older than 120 years, as it was
done in 2.01 for long dates displaying.
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc)
GeneWeb uncompiler (gwu)
Consanguinity computing (consang)
GeneWeb to Gedcom (gwb2ged)
- [May 2, 99] Changed return code in case of errors found. Now 2. Error
messages on stdout instead of stderr. Had to be changed for the new
"setup" program.
GeneWeb Version 2.01
* General
- [Mar 31..Apr 5, 99] Changed some types, labels, constructors, functions
names, cleaned up some code.
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Apr 20, 99] Changed title text "nth generation" into "Generation n"
because of necessity in Swedish to add another translation.
- [Apr 19, 99] Added "value=on" in checkboxes generated HTML code. Seemed
to be the default in several browsers (Netscape, IE, Lynx) but not all of
them (Kfm).
- [Apr 15, 99] Changed link of "gwd.opt", separating the objects in two
parts, using cmxa files, because Windows 98 (or maybe Cygnus) does not
work with this too long line, I don't know why. No difference in Unix.
- [Apr 6, 99] Big cleanup about titles (hopefully not introducing bugs).
- [Apr 3, 99] Don't print "died" in personal page if this is the only
information (no date, no place) and if it is older than 120 years.
- [Mar 22, 99] Ability to put "*" (to match any characters) in lines in
exclude file.
- [Mar 20, 99] When merging families, does not print any more the
intermediate page when there is no differences to select.
- [Mar 16, 99] Deleted display of trailing space in some links like in
"Modify" in page "update" for example.
- [Mar 14, 99] Cleaned up some generated HTML code.
- [Mar 10, 99] Inlined "List.remove_assoc" in order to be compilable
by OCaml and Camlp4 2.01 as well.
* Welcome pages (hd/lang/xx/start.txt)
- [Mar 20, 99] Changed order of links for displayed anniversaries and
latest births and deaths.
* Lexicon (hd/lang/lexicon.txt)
- [Mar 22, 99] Changed "allied%t (euphemism for married or... not) to"
into "allied%d to". Changed French translation "allie" into "marie".
* Wserver (../wserver/
- [Mar 22, 99] Completed "special" list of characters that must be
encoded (according to Jean-Christophe Filliatre).
GeneWeb Version 2.00
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Mar 8, 99] Fixed bug for excluded addresses in cgi mode.
- [Mar 4, 99] Deleted all "open Unix" and use of "Unix." for all unix
function. Deleted "Pervasives.".
- [Feb 27, 99] No more newline before the ending dot of the titles
displaying in personal pages.
- [Feb 18. 99] Added (undocumented) feature: adding ";opt=spouse" to an
URL of relationship link (m=RL), the spouses are displayed.
* Doc
- [Feb 23, 99] Correct HTML for creation of LICENSE.htm in directory doc.
GeneWeb Version 1.11
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [Jan 29, 99] Print clear messages when missing files (lexicon.txt, etc.)
- [Jan 12, 99] Changed test in input_lexicon ( length of line < 4
instead of line = "": better test to avoid failures when bad lexicon
* Gedcom to GeneWeb (ged2gwb)
- [Jan 16, 99] Ignore abnormal errors (displaying "uncaught exception:
* GeneWeb compiler (gwc)
- [Jan 23, 99] Forgot to skip tabulations while reading lines in ".gw" files
- [Jan 12, 99] Failure error now displayed in stdout instead of stderr.
* Most descendants computation (mostdesc)
- [Jan 25, 99] Fixed little problem of alphabetic order.
- [Jan 16, 99] Added mostdesc.opt in Makefile.
GeneWeb Version 1.10
* GeneWeb daemon/CGI (gwd)
- [06/01/99] Added %y and %z as macros in
- [16/12/98] Translated some program record fields and constructors in
- [16/12/98] Separated "base" into "base_data" and "base_func" to prepare
code cleanup.
- [15/12/98] Added forgotten i18n translation of "liens de parenté" (title)
and added "head_no_page_title" in util's interface.
- [14/12/98] Improved speed in families update: check_noloop made too
many accesses to the base (unnecessary accesses to "persons").
- [13/12/98] In src/, display at least "0" when number is 0!
- [12/12/98] Fixed horrible programming of base patches applying, which
resulted in much memory allocation and time losing for bases having many
added "things" (persons, families, strings). Now the code is cleaner.
Consequence: saved speed and memory allocation in such bases in gwd,
gwu, gwb2ged.
- [11/12/98] Fixed bugs: newlines at end of fields displayed as newlines
by "gwu", resulting of future syntax errors in "gwc"
* GeneWeb uncompiler (gwu)
- [11/12/98..12/12/98] Improved program (diminution of number of accesses
to the base) to allow option "-mem"
* Most descendants (mostdesc.out)
- [29/12/98] Sort persons with same number of time by alphabetic order.
* tools/
- [13/12/98] Deleted "./" in depended file name, because that worked bad
in alpha.
GeneWeb Version 1.09
* gwc:
- Added lazy building of topological sort file inside bases (accelerate
Sosa number computing in personal pages and relationship links).
- Send error and warning messages on stdout, instead of stderr.
- Delete non printable characters (e.g. newlines) in strings (first names,
etc.) coming from forms.
- Fixed some displaying and behavior bugs when adding elements in merging
- Fixed some displayed "value=" when the value hold the " character
- Some parts of relationship computing use big nums (module Num). Still
- Change in request syntax "relation... with..." to allow
explicit first names and surnames instead of i=.
old syntax (still there for compatibility during some versions)
new syntax:
and ability to write in a direct link:
to be somewhat independent from the index of "jack nicholson" in
the base.
- Hidden options in requests:
";opt=from" in personal pages, gives the .gw origin file (if any)
";opt=misc" in personal pages, gives the list of miscellaneous names
- More complete traces in CGI mode
* ged2gwb:
- Display message "Strange input" giving the line number instead of character
* added tools/ to compute dependencies with camlp4 .cmo files
in src directory.
* added program "mostdesc" (not distributed in executable versions) computing
the "most descendants from someone".
* changed "pauillac" into "cristal" in addresses.
GeneWeb Version 1.08
* gwc:
- Changed HTML generated by "last 10 births".
- strip possible newlines in sources and comments while updating or
creating families
- small change in warning message telling that children has been reordered:
"before" persons are no more clickable
- forgot to reset some fields when a person is deleted
GeneWeb Version 1.07
* Documented structure of bases (file
* ANSEL encoding in base
* gwc:
- Fixed bug: hash table now with "crush_lower" names, not "strip_lower"
because error while compiling base with names "Marie d'Orange" and
"Marie Dorange", different in "gwd" but equal (beforewards) in "gwc".
- Fixed bug: while decoding strings fields, forgot to skip the possible
space (underscored).
- A file "command.txt" is created into the base, showing the command
line used like for the command "ged2gwb".
* gwd:
- Don't display person number any more in update form when holding ? in
his/her surname or first name
- Fixed bug: when updating person, checks were done before patch.
- Strip spaces of first names and surnames in forms.
* consang:
- fixed bug: raised error for empty databases
* ged2gwb
- not error if no space after initial number
GeneWeb Version 1.06
* Restructuration (perestroika) for distribution of sources.
* Some changes for compilation with version 2.00 of OCaml and Camlp4.
* gwd:
- added cannot change sex of married person while updating person,
this check was missing
- changed Name.crush to separate case "roman numbers" and "i" is now
treated as other vowels
- changed "(%d fois)" into "(%d)" in "descendants, only the selected
- display number = index for first name or surname = "?"
* gwu:
- fixed bug of behavior: created files even if not option -odir
* lexicon.txt:
- integrated Lars' updates for swedish version... in fact integrated in
"intermediate" version 1.05.
GeneWeb Version 1.05
* gwc:
- added "wrap=virtual" in notes updating.
- added 1 generation in missing ancestors (because if a level complete =>
nothing printed!)
- fixed "Chantal.1 N..." did not work because of searching . from the right
- generated images have now "content-length" (necessary for Netscape 2)
- accept now [] in txt files => translation!
- p.birth is now of type Adef.codate
- suppressed nobr in
- suppressed <ul></ul> with no <li> in
- fixed bug: when creating or modifying someone, the test of existing was
firstname1 ^ surname1 = firstname2 ^ surname2 instead of
firstname1 = firstname2 && surname1 = surname2
- Soza -> Sosa
GeneWeb Version 1.04
* gwc:
- added magic number in gwo files.
- in case of option error, does not display usage, just invitation to
use the -help option
* gwd:
- fixed bug in relation: if same person, was not detected.
- using new pa_html.cmo
- added option "-nolock" not to create lock files; drawback: risk of
scratching counter (not grave), or the database, if two users attempt
to modify it at the same time; this option were only in Unix version,
it is now added in Windows version too.
- in research by names, "s" ending words are ignored
- when refusing a log (fucking robots!), return status 403 and a small
message; logs in "refuse_log".
- added option -robot_xcl to test fast attacks.
- fixed bug descend "only the generation concerned": persons descending
several time were not factorized.
* gwd, consang:
- in Windows NT/95, locking files never blocks: the action is just
refused =>
* when updating the base, if the base cannot be locked, the update is
* when applying "consang", if the base cannot be locked, "consang" is
* if the counter file cannot be locked, the counter is just not updated.
* gwc, gwu:
- added "csrc" to factorize "#src" when all children have the same
GeneWeb Version 1.03
* gwd:
- & print up to faster thanks to maxlen added (l=...)
- capitalization of all letters with accents is now ok
- added "gwd.xcl" to exclude connexions
* Makefiles:
- add and use of tools/
GeneWeb Version 1.02
* gwd
- lower threshold for optimized relationship link from 25 to 15.
* gwc
- in photos => recode underscores (transformed into spaces!).
- Can now wait for 4 clients in the queue (listen 4).
GeneWeb Version 1.01
* gwd
- saw that sometimes "accept" fails for other reasons than timeout => no
more message now in the trace.
GeneWeb Version 1.0
GeneWeb Version 1.0 beta.10
GeneWeb Version 1.0 beta.9
* gwd
- added possible sleep in env to test memory consummation
- changed algorithm of last n births: was o(n^2), now o(n*log n)
GeneWeb Version 1.0 beta.8
* gwd
- fixed problem of Maertens: "Cannot access to start.txt", although
it was a problem of accessing "copyright.txt"
- "%f" in language files (used in version.txt) do not generate just
"command", but "command?" if not cgi and "command?b=base;" if cgi
GeneWeb Version 1.0 beta.7
- changed big num (e.g. for Soza numbers) => no limit
- HTTP protocol: always return status 202 OK, even on errors
- lang/lexicon.txt: nth generation go up to 125 (fr)
- ged2gwb: if surname or first name of someone = "?", may transform it
into "x" (to preserve consistency between gwb2gw and gwc)
- fixed problem of alphabetic order in displaying by titles
- trailer always included even in source files, which must not yet hold
</body> at their end.
- copyright added at end if file "copyright.txt" not accessible but
without link to my site.
- file "copyright.txt" changed into "copyr.txt" (I am afraid of problems
of long file names in Windows).
- fixed bug: problems of <em> and </a> in displaying "ancestors .. up to .."