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What is gwtp?

Gwtp is a CGI program allowing owners of databases accommodated in a
GeneWeb site to upload and download their databases on the site and
change their configuration parameters.

Installation on an Unix Web server

In the site machine, create a directory which is *not* accessible on
the Web, with any name you want. In that directory, copy the executable
'gwtp' the directory 'lang' and its contents, and create an empty file
named 'passwd'. Put all read/write access rights (chmod a+rw) to that

Go to the cgi-bin directory and create you CGI (e.g. gwtp.cgi),
holding the following lines, replacing the texts between brackets
by the correct values:

  tmp=[the above directory holding gwtp, lang and passwd]
  dst=[the directory holding the GeneWeb databases]
  site=[the URL of the GeneWeb site]
  cd $tmp
  ./gwtp -tmp $tmp -dst $dst -site $site

The above variable 'site' is the Web address of a GeneWeb database
*minus* its name. Things like that:

Make your CGI executable:
   chmod a+x gwtp.cgi

Then, when accessing that CGI, people get a login page where they have to
enter a database name and a password.

Adding an user

To add a new accommodated database, just add a line in the passwd file
of the directory $tmp above, holding:

replacing "base" by the name of the database you want and "passwd" by
a complicated enough password. Send these values to the database owner.

The database owner can then access the CGI and log in. The first
time, he has to configure his database parameters; once done, he
can upload his database. Later, using the same login, he can at any
time change his configuration, or upload or download his GeneWeb

Removing an user

Remove his entry in the passwd file, delete his GeneWeb database
(directory ending with ".gwb"), and delete his database configuration
file (file ending with ".gwf").

Default values

If you want to set default configuration variables values, create a
file named 'default.gwf' in the directory $tmp holding the default
variables bindings you want (e.g. can_send_image=no). This file
will be copied at the beginning of the user configuration file.

Sending gedcom files

By default, the cgi does not allow to send gedcom files: people have
to send the contents of their database. But if you add the executable
"ged2gwb" in the directory corresponding to the option -etc of gwtp,
(by default, same than -tmp), a link to send gedcoms is proposed in
the main menu.