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How to test API and tree links

API Server

  1. Build API (see README)
  2. Run API :
/your/home/geneweb/api/gwd_api -hd /your/home/geneweb/distribution/gw -bd  /your/home/geneweb/distribution/bases -max_clients 30 -sig sig_file

Tree-links and API based on samples

  1. Build API (see README)
  2. Install redis-server (apt-get...)
  3. Run redis-server in /your/home/geneweb/test/ in order to user redis.conf and grimaldi.rdb
redis-server redis.conf
  1. Create 2 tests databases (with gwsetup utility):
    • "grimaldi" with grimladi.ged
    • "anneburke" with anneburke.ged
  2. Run the API with tree-links options :
/your/home/geneweb/api/gwd_api -hd /your/home/geneweb/distribution/gw -bd  /your/home/geneweb/distribution/bases -max_clients 30 -sig sig_file -redis localhost -redis_p 6379 -links_tree_url ^[0-9a-z]:localhost:2322 -p 2322 

NB :

  • redis must be run locally
  • grimaldi.rdb contains samples for connecting Anne BURKE from grimaldi.ged to anneburke.ged

PHP Web Client

  1. Run a simple LAMP server on test/php_cli directory
  2. Modify URL_API in index.php if needed
  3. Go on your server home url to use a simple form to call API