This repo provides you with a full Puppet environment by way of Vagrant.
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Puppet Master Repo

This repo has everything needed to setup a Puppet environment in Vagrant. It includes all the components that make up a complete system including load balancer, Puppet Server, PuppetDB, Foreman, r10k, and PostgreSQL. It also pulls down a sample control repo for Hiera, roles, and profiles.


2.0 - Redo for Puppet 4
0.2 - Redo based on Foreman 1.6
0.1 - Design phase

Installing for development / testing

To fully use the development environment you will need to have Vagrant and Git installed. The first time you run vagrant up it will take a few minutes to download the box (virtual machine template). This is a one-time thing. The box specified in the Vagrantfile only supports Virtualbox.

Running this environment

cd [the location you cloned this repo]
vagrant up

Once the setup is complete you will have an instance of HAProxy that fronts the web interface of Foreman. It also provides a metrics page for monitoring HAProxy's performance. The Foreman server will also be running Puppet Server and PuppetDB. PuppetDB's dashboard can be accessed from inside Foreman by going to Monitor --> PuppetDB Dashboard. In addition to this, you will have a webhook receiver listening on port 8888 by way of genebean/puppetmaster_webhook that can be used to trigger r10k.



One thing of note is that the site.pp file in the control repo is used to do the node classification during setup and will be applying settings outside of Foreman.


Our Puppet Master is made up of several components and takes advantage of several other open source projects:

  • Foreman - a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers.
  • Git - version control
  • HAProxy - a load balancer
  • Puppet - automated configuration management.
  • PuppetDB - a data warehouse for Puppet.
  • Puppet Forge - a central repo for Puppet modules
  • r10k - a tool for deploying Puppet Environments
  • Vagrant - light weight, reproducible, and portable development environments
  • Virtualbox - free way to run vm's like those used as part of Vagrant