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BlueFoot: Developer Documentation

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This documentation outlines the various way developers can extend & enhance the Blue Foot Magento module. The Blue Foot system has two main areas which can be extended, the page builder and content apps. Both are outlined in seperate sections which can be accessed below.

For more information see:

Magento 1

  1. Page Builder
    1. Overview
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Resources
    4. Hooks
    5. Plugins
    6. Modal
    7. Config
    8. Stage
    9. Edit
      1. Input Types
      2. Widgets
  2. Page Builder Blocks
    1. Overview
    2. Content Attributes
    3. Creating a custom block
    4. Creating a structural content attribute
  3. Content Apps
    1. Image sizes

Magento 2

We are in the process of completing our Magento 2 documentation. These will be available shortly, if you have any questions regarding how to use Magento 2 please contact our support.

Contributions or requests

If you're wanting to make any contributions or changes to these docs, please feel free to conduct a pull request and it will be approved by one of our developers if it's deemed helpful.

If you're unsure on how pull requests work, or wish to request more information around a certain topic please email