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A personal filter list. Each host is either an ad, phishing, malicious, analytics, or clickbait.


You may use this list for any purpose. Such use may include browser blockers, firewalls and proxies.
This filter list may cause some website to load incorrectly or not load at all.
Please post an issue containing the url if you encounter any them.

If you are using ublock, adblock, or adblockplus, you can import this as a custom filter using
this url


Adding new host:

  • Follow the format of the list.
  • Include one host per commit.
  • Commit format: add <host> <reasons>

Updating or Removing a host:

  • File an issue first referencing the commit.
  • If no one objects, send a PR.
  • Commit format: update/remove <host> <reasons>

You may use the following tools:

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