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Stream-style Twitter/Facebook/ aggregation, posting, and other interaction
JavaScript Perl Perl6 CSS
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App::StatusSkein is a lifestream-style aggregator for Facebook,
Twitter,, and eventually other sorts of social media

Maybe the best explanation is to just look at it, it should be fairly
self-explanatory. Here's a screenshot:

It allows reading, posting, favoriting, re-tweeting/recycling, and
keeps track of post loads so you (hopefully) only see things that have
been newly posted since the last time you looked at a service.

Currently, the support for getting this to work yourself is lacking --
the initialization/setup and application authorization code still
needs to be written -- so if you want to play, you're going to need to
jump thru some hoops (or write that code...) Sorry about that, that's
on the list to get fixed Real Soon Now...

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