Demonstration of Arduino flash over AVR-Rascal
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This is a sample, easy Arduino sketch based upon the Blink sketch. Secret Robot should automatically program our Arduino with this code on push to GitHub.

It demonstrates the necessary Ino framework and Git pre-commit hooks for Secret Robot.

Here's how to get started:

  • Install the Ino framework. This is easy: pip install ino. Only possible on Unix systems for now, sorry.
  • Start a new project with Ino, using ino init in a new folder
  • Start tracking the project with git by executing git init
  • Enable a pre-commit hook, so that you compile before pushing to Github.
    This is done by making project_folder/.git/hooks/pre-commit, then copying the example code used here
  • Create a repository on Github for this project.
  • Setup Rascal to watch the project repository on Github
  • Add Github as an origin: git add remote origin
  • Add all of our files: git add *
  • Make our initial commit: git commit -m "Hello World! Initial commit
  • Make sure the Arduino and Imp are on, and that Imp is running Rascal.
  • Push the commit to Github: git push origin
  • Done!

Subsequent commits are much easier:

  • Alter code like a boss.
  • Include changes git add sketch/sketch.ino
  • Commit changes git commit -m "Just made an awesome revision"
  • Push changes git push origin

Firmware changes can take up to 30 seconds to progegate, but they are usually much faster (it depends on how speedy Github is at sending Rascal a notification).