Github suggested this repo name, and I'm going to run with it. I think a new domain name is in order!
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North American Hipster is the backend for my blog.

Statically Hosted = Cheap

North American Hipster is designed to be statically hosted. At $0.15 per Gb/month, plus $0.12 GB transfered, a small blog site might cost less than $5-10 a year to host (excluding domain costs).

If your site uses less than 1 GB/mo of bandwidth, has 1GB of storage, and had less than 10,000 requests, than it will cost you $0.125 a month, or $1.50 a year.

This makes it dirt cheap to host on Amazon S3 or, but also lets me use a template system by utilizing AngularJS.


Because North American Hipster is based upon AngularJS, it has a powerful template system. The template system is powerful enough that in many regards my blog is a dynamically hosted site.


North American Hipster is fully buzzword compliant. AngularJS and Twitter's Bootstrap combine to make a fairly nice looking site which never needs to reload. It's also very respons

North American Hipster uses node.js to update the list of blog entries and to scrape fully static HTML pages for Google and other bots. PhantomJS in particular takes the static HTML pages. North American Hipster also updates any changed Amazon S3 files.

The Name

Github suggested this repo name, and I'm going to run with it, because it's hilarious.