Arduino sketch code for printing tweets and subject lines from my email; playing a chime noise when something happens
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Gutenbird demo sketch: monitors one or more Twitter accounts
for changes, displaying updates on attached thermal printer.
Written by Adafruit Industries.  MIT license.

Designed for the Adafruit Internet of Things printer
Pick one up at !

REQUIRES ARDUINO IDE 1.0 OR LATER -- Back-porting is not likely to
occur, as the code is deeply dependent on the Stream class, etc.

Also requires Adafruit Thermal Printer Library:

Required hardware includes an Ethernet-connected Arduino board such
as the Arduino Ethernet or other Arduino-compatible board with an
Arduino Ethernet Shield, plus an Adafruit Mini Thermal Receipt printer
and all related power supplies and cabling.

Resources: Arduino Ethernet FTDI Friend Arduino Uno Ethernet Shield Mini Thermal Receipt Printer Printer starter pack