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powerpoint replacement for openframeworks
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replacement for slideshow deck. mostly replicates slideshow features (load images, movies, text). nice because you can integrate full OF apps directly into it.


  • images, videos, text
  • "scrollable image" - lets you embed giant pictures in slides and scroll through them with the mouse.
  • automatically resizes and repositions assets when screen size changed


  • preload assets
  • sound handling
  • one click export: set a flag and it will automatically copy all the assets into local dir, build the presentation as distributable app
  • wrap lambda functions for more customized slide actions/events
  • ofxCef -> full web browser for javascript demos? maybe this is overkill...


Q: what does this addon do that PowerPoint or Keynote does not?

A: openframeworks

Q: why didn't you implement fancy slide transitions?

A: any pull request for fancy slide transitions will be automatically rejected and i will intentionally harm a paper clip.

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