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simple mashups of openframeworks addons
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ofxaddons bingo!

A collection of simple mashups of addons for openframeworks.


There are 1000+ libraries made for openFrameworks which do vastly different things. Combining them--even in silly ways--helps stir new ideas and supplements the examples the addons come with.


The following examples are currently included.

glitch_japan :: glitching the flag of Japan (ofxPostGlitch + ofxJapan)

libccv_instagram :: making Instagram searches from image classifications of webcam images (ofxCcv + ofxInstagram)

markovChain_macMouse :: moves your mouse around according to a Markov Chain (ofxMarkovChain + ofxMacMouse)

facetracker_box2d :: it blows bubbles out of your eyes (ofxFaceTracker + ofxBox2d)

filterbank_notifications :: send OSX a notification every time you sing a note (ofxFilterbank) + ofxNotifications)

imageSegmentation_box2d :: breaks an image into segments and turns them into box2d physics-reactive objects (ofxImageSegmentation + ofxBox2d)

oneEuroFilter_playModes :: modulate the delay parameter of a video feedback stream with a low-pass filter (ofxOneEuroFilter + ofxPlayModes)


Clone this repo into your 'apps' folder, so that 'ofxaddons-bingo' is inside 'apps'. Then install the required addons (or at least the ones from the examples you wish to run).

This is a complete list of all the addons used in this collection. Each project uses two or more of the following: ofxPostGlitch, ofxJapan, ofxCcv, ofxInstagram, ofxMarkovChain, ofxMacMouse, ofxFaceTracker, ofxBox2d, ofxCv, ofxFilterbank, ofxNotifications, ofxImageSegmentation, ofxPlayModes, ofxOneEuroFilter

Or run this script from the repo's root directory:


To use the libccv_instagram example, you must also follow the additional installation instructions found in those repos for downloading the classifier, and registering an authorization token with Instagram to use the API.


Think up creative ways to mash up addons, and make a pull request and I'll add it. Please adhere to the following conventions:

  • the project folder should be inside 'ofxaddons-bingo', at the same level as the others.
  • use the following naming convention to keep things consistent: the name of the two (or more) addons used with the "ofx" stripped off and a dash between them.
  • please add an entry for it in this README including a description and the addons used.
  • optional: tweet it at @ofxaddons! and make a picture! ofxGifEncoder and ofxGifRecorder are super for making gifs.
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