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Fix html5 bug when textarea is required #223

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space here.
if (/* cond */) {


Hey @genemu ! Need this, soooo much :beers:

@bamarni bamarni merged commit f786c30 into genemu:master

Sorry for the late question, but I am getting an error when I set the required attribute

        ->add('job', 'genemu_tinymce' , array (
            'label' => 'job',                
            'required' => true                

The error gotten is "editor.onChange is undefined".

Is there something else I should configure to make it work the textarea as a required field?


Hello, Is there any response to this problem ? I'm having the same problem than @alejandrovinueza

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  1. +7 −1 Resources/views/Form/jquery_layout.html.twig
8 Resources/views/Form/jquery_layout.html.twig
@@ -60,7 +60,13 @@
{%- if configs.script_url is defined %}
- $('#{{ id }}').tinymce($configs);
+ var $textarea = jQuery('#{{ id }}');
+ if($'[required]')) {
+ $configs.oninit = function(editor) {
+ editor.onChange.add(function(ed, l) {; });
+ };
+ }
+ $textarea.tinymce($configs);
{% else %}
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