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This repository contains the source code for the GeneNetwork (GN) server (version 2 aka GN2). GN is a Web 2.0 style framework with included tools for doing genetics online using high-throughput data. GN is used for a wide range of studies. An exhaustive list of publications mentioning GN and its previous incarnation WebQTL can be found here.


The recommended installation is with GNU Guix which allows you to deploy GN2 and dependencies as a self contained unit on any machine. The database can be run separately as well as the source tree (for developers). See the installation docs.


Once installed GN2 can be run online through a browser interface


(default is http://localhost:5003/). We are building up automated testing using mechanize which can be run with



User documentation can be found here. The architecture of the software stack is described here. The database schema is (still) shared with GN1 and currently described here. Software documentation is being expanded in the source code repository.


Issues can be raised through github.

Contribute to GN2 source code by forking the github repository with git and sending us pull requests.

For development GN2 has a mailing list and an active IRC channel #genenetwork on with a web interface.


The GeneNetwork2 source code is released under the Affero General Public License 3 (AGPLv3). See LICENSE.txt.

More information

For more information visit



GeneNetwork was published in the Journal of Open Source Software as 'GeneNetwork: framework for web-based genetics' by Zachary Sloan, Danny Arends, Karl W. Broman, Arthur Centeno, Nicholas Furlotte, Harm Nijveen, Lei Yan, Xiang Zhou, Robert W. WIlliams and Pjotr Prins

You may also cite the software using



IRC on #genenetwork on

Code and primary web service managed by Dr. Robert W. Williams and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis TN, USA.