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Codes to move various legacy files to the current


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Archive reconstruction

The GO project has been relying on SVN, CVS and for a long time.

The refactoring of GO requires a reorganization of some of the underlying infrastructures and remapping of old files into more up-to-date folder hierarchy (see

Full archive generated from SVN and CVS:

GO archive content

  • CVS: 2002-2011 (ontology, slims, annotations)
  • SVN: 2011-2018 (ontology, slims, annotations)
  • (all mysql dumps)


  • OBO files: gene_ontology.obo (v1.0, starts 2004-02); gene_ontology_ext.obo = current go.obo (starts 2009-03); other obo files discarded (gene_ontology-edit.obo, gene_ontology-write.obo, gene_ontology-1.2.obo)
  • Slims: only obo slims were kept (starts mid 2004); archived_slims discarded (starts in 2003)

SVN reconstruction steps / usage

  1. Have a GO SVN up and running
  2. List all revision from SVN: svn log <svn-url/svn/go/trunk> > gosvn.log to create the list of revisions
  3. Clean up the log: more gosvn.log | grep '^r[0-9]' > gosvn.list
  4. Create 1 revision / month: python3 -r gosvn.list -o revisions_target.list
  5. Remap the GO SVN data to a newer folder hierarchy: python3 -s <svn-base-url> -r revisions_target.list -m mapping.txt -c checkouts/ -o releases/

This will checkout the selected revisions in revisions_target.list and remap them from the temporary checkout folder checkouts/ to the new folder releases/ using the mapping.txt mapping rules

Note: there will be some "Error while copying file" as we have to handle different file hierarchies over time (eg gene_association.goa_chicken.gz that became goa_chicken.gaf.gz and the script will be looking for both). Therefore, one should not be too concerned about those messages but they are still useful for debugging / logging of events.

CVS reconstruction steps / usage

  1. Have a GO CVS up and running
  2. Create 1 revision / month
  3. Remap the GO CVS data to a newer folder hierarchy: `python -m <mapping_file> -s <svn_checkout_rep> -c <cvs_checkout_rep> -o <output_rep>

Example of files currently generated

Release generated from CVS: Release generated from SVN:

Note: browsing of the S3 bucket is inspired from aws-js-s3-explorer but was remodeled to fit a canonical URL model and add the desired header / description. Actual browser code


  • requests python library: pip install requests
  • svn python library: pip install svn


Codes to move various legacy files to the current








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