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RNAcentral (1). (1) European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Automatic Gene Ontology annotation of non-coding RNA sequences through association of Rfam records with GO terms.

Rfam (, PMID:29112718) is a database of non-coding RNA families which are manually annotated with GO terms by Rfam curators. RNAcentral (, PMID:27794554) maintains a comprehensive collection of non-coding RNA sequences that are regularly annotated with Rfam families using the Infernal software (PMID:24008419). When a non-coding RNA sequence is matched to one or more Rfam families by sequence similarity, the GO terms associated with the Rfam family are transitively assigned to the non-coding RNA sequence. Annotations resulting from the transfer of GO terms are assigned the ECO:0000256 evidence code (match to sequence model evidence used in automatic assertion) and include RNAcentral and Rfam accessions. The annotations are available on the GOA and EMBL-EBI FTP sites. The mapping between Rfam families and GO terms is available at, and the Infernal software can be downloaded at To report an annotation error or inconsistency, or for further information, please visit the RNAcentral website at