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Run command-line GPAD export in parallel.
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Build Status

A server for Noctua


To build and launch a server, see


Minerva is a wrapper and server for the OWL API and a triplestore (currently blazegraph) that serves as the back end for Noctua. It communicates with Noctua via Barista. It gains its knowledge of the world through a Golr instance.

For specifications, see specs/


  • minerva-core : core logic
  • minerva-json : conversion to and from the JSON-LD esque transport and model exchange format
  • minerva-converter : converter to/from other formats. Primarily GAF/GPAD
  • minerva-lookup : To be deprecated? Non-generic functions for looking up genes in golr
  • minerva-server : JAX-RS server
  • minerva-cli : command line interface
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