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New Features & Bug Fixes

  • JobsResource cache bug fixes to keep Jobs tab and the Job Summary page in sync [GP-7493]
  • Job Summary page now automatically refreshes [GP-4782]
  • GenomeSpace logo removed from login page [GP-7769]

Prerequisites for Installing GenePattern

  • Java 1.8 or Java 1.9. Untested with Java 1.11
  • Docker

Mac OS X Install

Download the '' file. Unzip and launch the application. You will be prompted to enter some basic configuration details. Restart and you are up and running. The user data and customization files will be added to the '~/.genepattern' hidden folder in your home directory.

Linux Install

Download the 'GenePattern.bin' file. Then run the installer in headless mode.

Instructions can be found in '/gp_home/resources/'