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Release Candidate for August 9, 2022.

New Features & Bug Fixes since build 384 (June 2022)

  • Server Administration - Admins can now generate gp-unit tests directly from a job result.
  • Server Administration - Fix for downloading multiple files from a job delegated from a GenePattern server to another remote GenePattern server.
  • Server Administration - When a non-admin user adds for non-standard CPU or Memory for a job, instead of failing the job we now pick the next bigger standard value for CPU or Memory, or the max allowed value if the request is higher than the max allowed value.
  • Module Integrator - Added defaults and hints for CPU and Memory values.
  • Module Integrator - Can now delete a file at the same time as updating other module metadata.

Prerequisites for Installing GenePattern

Java 8 or 9. Note that GenePattern will not run if Java 11 is installed.
NOTE Our registration management is currently under development and will be updated with our next release.
Meanwhile, you can work around the need to register by adding this line to your file and restarting the server.

Installing and upgrading GenePattern via Docker

This is now the recommended method for a local GenePattern installation.
Please see our website for installation instructions

Mac OS X Install - GenePattern as an app

Make sure you do not have Java 11 installed. Switching and disabling will not work.
Download the file. Unzip, drag the file to your Applications folder, then launch the application. You will be prompted to enter some basic configuration details and the application will terminate. Restart and you are up and running.
The user data and customization files will be added to the ~/.genepattern hidden folder in your home directory.
Should you need to delete GenePattern - simply delete the file from your Applications folder, and remove the ~/.genepattern directory as well.

Note: GenePattern is currently experiencing Apple certificate issues. To install GenePattern you may need to enable applications from third-party developers. See the instructions here. Alternately you can launch GenePattern from a terminal window by going to the directory /Applications/ and executing the GenePatternServer executable located there.

Linux Install

Download the 'GPserver.bin' file. Then run the installer in headless mode.

Instructions can be found in '/gp_home/resources/'