A set of nodejs tools to take a current snapshot and deploy tokens on the EOS network
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A set of nodejs tools to take a current snapshot and deploy tokens on the EOS network


  • Install Nodejs
  • Clone this repository
  • Run npm install

The steps:

  • Update takeNames.js, takeSnapshot.js, and paySnapshot.js with your preferred eos node connection

  • Update takeSnapshot.js by setting airgrab = 'yourairgrabtoken' or airgrab=false

  • Update paySnapshot.js by setting airdropConfig as appropriate

    1. Get the most recent complete snapshot from https://www.eossnapshots.io/ by EOS New York

      Change the csv to a single column of names and rename it names.csv

      (These snapshots grab every account on EOS)

    2. or Run node takesNames.js.

      This tool only gets names from the "voters table" of EOS... meaning they are either a genesis account or have voted for a block producer or proxy.

      If you don't pause blocks you may get duplicate names. Remove duplicates in excel or file editor. Rename the names-timestamp.csv to names.csv

  • Run node takeSnapshot.js. This will take a while.

  • Review snapshot-timestamp.csv and create a new file snapshot.csv in the following format:

    account name,quantity quantity should be just a number, no precision or symbol neccessary

  • Finally, run node paysnapShot.js.

    If you want to run a test be sure to set broadcast: false and uncomment mockTransactions => 'pass'

  • Review payment-timestamp.csv to confirm the deployment went out to everyone desired.


This code is experimental

Run this code against testnets and test thoroughly before doing a mainnet deploy

As per the license, GenerEOS does not accept any responsibility or liability for loss of tokens, invalid deployments, deployment failures, or damages of any kind related to using these snapshot and deployment tools.

We hope this helps everyone with your future tokens!