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A modular administration toolset for Minecraft servers.


  • Claims (user groups, in-world selection)
  • Sleep Vote (player threshold sleep)
  • Fancy Names (nicknames, random name color on join)
  • Admin (mod-mode for administrators)
  • Simple homes (throw enderpearl at feet to return to your bed)
  • WIP: Command-based homes (unfinished)


gradle reobfJar

Module details

Admin / Mod-mode

"Mod-mode" is a tool which helps server administrators seperate their survival gameplay profile and their moderation workflow.

By executing /mod, an administrator can enter "mod mode". This command switches to creative, flips their inventory to their last admin inventory, and starts logging commands. From here the moderator can freely teleport using standard commands to wherever requires their attention. When the moderator has finished, they can simply execute /done, which returns them to their original position, back in survival, and with their previous survival inventory intact.


Claims are selected using the golden shovel and are linked to groups. Groups may be created with /group create Group Name; check the other subcommands of /group to invite members. Claims may be established using the /claim command. You can also unclaim the current chunk by using /unclaim.