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cforce commented Jan 18, 2012

In Redmine every edit content i a wiki site. So it would be awesome if this templates could be used as issue template also.
A checkbox behind a template could configure if used for wiki sites and/or issues.
Project wide templates could be usefuly also, means that a administrativ template can be reused in more than one project.template

See also and

Tx for ur work!

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gchaves commented Jan 20, 2012

We will study the possibility to improve this requirements in the next version of the plugin.
Thank you for your ideas.

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cforce commented Jan 23, 2012

The redmine plugin "Hotbutton" ( provides good code snipets to insert an template selection for issues right between issue header and issue body. See sccreenshot how "hot button" are placed there.

Can u please repopen this issue

Tx fo contributing


ricp commented Jan 31, 2012

Thanks for your plugin Gonzalo,

Concerning the ability to share templates across projects i needed it for my own use (now :-) ) so i've implemented it.

Don't know if you plan to add this later or want to use a different approach but in case you're interested it's in my shared_templates branch.



Hello ricp,

We are developing the new version of the plugin and we are using a different approach. In this version, we will include "Global Templates" that make possible to define templates visible for all projects.

In the near future we will add another change in the plugin to allow hierachy templates: one template defined for a project is visible to his child.

We will evaluate your branch too.

Thanks again.


ricp commented Feb 1, 2012

Thanks for your answer Gonzalo,

What i did already for my need is probably what you call "Global Templates", if you click on "shared across projects" the template can be seen on all projects (if you have the required autorisations on the projects).

For the hierarchy templates it's a good idea too :-)



cforce commented Feb 1, 2012

I think the difference to Gonzalos approach is that you don't need a "container" project so be able to share "project locale" templates to other projects too.

I aksing Gonzalos how "right managment" besides internal admin role is possible outside a project context. However for os it would be enough that admin is able to create and share this global templates only.

Please don't forget the most important feature every besides "share wiki templates over porjects."

!!Have and share this or extra issue templates the same way!! ;)

Hi cforce,

This is exactly our approach. We have a little delay, but I hope next monday we could release the next version.

And yes, we don't forget the rest of the features.

Thank you very much!

cforce commented Feb 3, 2012

Great ..! I am merrly lucking forward!

cforce commented Feb 3, 2012

and looking ;)


Today we released a new version. if you can test I'd appreciate it.

Thanx again.

cforce commented Feb 7, 2012

Can 't ind an option to use issue templates. Can u explain?

Sorry cforce, but we are working hard to improve this plugin.

cforce commented Feb 27, 2012

Any news on issue templates? Tx for conrtibuting!



jwalkerbg commented Feb 2, 2013



gchaves commented Apr 29, 2013

Hello cforce,

Sorry, but this is not the purpose of this plugin.

@gchaves gchaves closed this Apr 29, 2013

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