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Comments about the auth provider, in anticipation of making it actual…

…ly be useful
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commit dab33711ea78be4d7ccd334a89b29dadecce02b4 1 parent b920483
@niloc132 niloc132 authored
4 tvguide-server/src/main/java/com/acme/gwt/
@@ -23,6 +23,10 @@
* Stores the current user. Currently it keeps a ref to the user object, but this might cause
* issues, in which case it will probably just keep the id, and get the user each time it is asked.
+ * Any other auth logic or tracking can go here as well, and it might be wise to push the login
+ * code here too, or at least let this class deal with it, so that something like OpenID can be
+ * wired in easily.
+ *
* @author colin
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