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Arduino Software for the JECCbot mini
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JECCbot motor stop bugfix Nov 12, 2019



This software is intended for Outdoor Robots which are based on Arduino. The software should support several contest tasks (more or less successful) and could also be used for general experimenting with robots.

Supported contests



This software is tested with these components and works. It may also work with other components but we simply haven't tested it.


  1. Rewire the line for the keys on the lcd keypad shield from A0 to A2.
  2. Cut the Brake signal (BRAKEA and BRAKEB) on the motor shield (Arduino Pin 8 and 9).

Arduino pin usage

0 not used (communication to PC)

1 not used (communication to PC)

2 not used

3 Motor PWMA

4 Display DB4

5 Display DB5

6 Display DB6

7 Display DB7

8 Display RS

9 Display EN

10 Display PWM

11 Motor PWMB

12 Motor DIRA

13 Motor DIRB

A0 Motor SNS0

A1 Motor SNS1

A2 Display Key (Shield modified)

A3 not used

A4 I2C-SDA (BNO055)

A5 I2C-SCL (BNO055)


Any suitable outdoor robot with differential steering which doesn't overload the motor drivers.

For example the JECCbot mini.

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