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This library implements the Code Sourcery C++ ABI, as documented here:

It is intended to sit below an STL implementation, and provide features required by the compiler for implementation of the C++ language.

Current Status

At present, the library implements the following parts of the ABI specification:

- RTTI classes and support for the dynamic_cast<> operator.
- Exception handling.
- Thread-safe initializers.

Exception handling requires the assistance of a stack-unwinding library
implementing the low-level parts of the ABI.  Either libgcc_s or libunwind
should work for this purpose.

The library depends on various libc features, but does not depend on any C++
features not implemented purely in the compiler or in the library itself.

Supported Platforms

This code was initially developed on FreeBSD/x86, and has also been tested on FreeBSD/x86-64.  It should work on other platforms that use the Code Sourcery ABI, for example Itanium, however this is untested.

Currently, this library has no support for ARM EABI (or any other ARM ABI).