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Learning RPM Sucks

It's overly complicated, best practices are largely non-existent, and documentation consists of either incredibly dry reading or random anecdotes from people who have done it their own way. Togo seeks to help both new-comers and experienced RPM builders standardize and organize their build process by making it as simple and reproducible as possible.

Other softwares have tried to bundle the packaging process into a more generic wrapper to accomodate multiple distros (debian packages, etc.), but this process dilutes the specialization that goes into focusing on a single package format.

Togo only handles RPMs, and it handles them well. By automating the most complex and time-consuming tasks (setting up your build environment, bundling and tarring source files, generating your spec file and file lists), Togo deals with all the stupid crap that you don't want to and lets you focus on your software.

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