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Generic UI Grid
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Generic UI Grid

Generic UI is a lightweight data management tool that displays statistic figures in a tabular format. It was developed with ease of implementation and usage in mind. The data can be viewed in grid form. Using built-in functions, the data contained in the grid can easily be tracked and managed. Generic UI includes many user-friendly features like sorting, paging, data binding and theming. Additionally, the grid supports a variety of helpful elements such as buttons, check boxes, inputs, chips and dropdown menus.


Supported libraries and frameworks:

Grid is a rich library with many features like:

  • Editing
  • Virtual scroll, infinite scroll,
  • Summaries,
  • Sort, search, filter,
  • Pagination,
  • Column configuration,
  • Themes,
  • Templates.

To find more details about this Generic UI Grid library visit our website Generic Ui - Grid - homepage. You will find there full documentation and easy to read guide on how to use Grid.


Code released under the MIT license.

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