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Simple file change monitoring for any kind of development.
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Simple file change monitoring for any kind of development.

Note: Noprob has just been released and I haven't had the chance to test it on Windows yet. I'll get to it soon.


Having a utility that can restart or recompile or reconfigure or rewhatever whenever you change a file can be incredibly convenient. Many programs of this sort are geared to work with a specific toolchain or tend to be overly complicated for what should be a simple task.

No worries. Noprob's got your back, no problem.


Install npm. (it comes with Node.js).

Run: $ npm -g install noprob


Local Command Tags

Tags can be an extremely powerful way to execute commands on specific files. Simply insert the tags into your local command string like noprob -l 'echo <ext>' and they will be replaced with the associated information from the changed file's path.

  • is the full path (e.g. path/to/file.txt)
  • is the directory that contains the file (e.g. path/to/)
  • is the full filename including the extension (e.g. file.txt)
  • is the file's name without the extension (e.g. file)
  • is the file's extension (e.g. txt)

To further demonstrate, the following commands are equivalent:

$ noprob -l 'echo <full>'

$ noprob -l 'echo <dir><fullfile>'

$ noprob -l 'echo <dir><name>.<ext>'

though the last command would be left with a trailing . if the file has no extension while the other two would not.

Example Usage

Run and restart a node server on javascript source changes:

  • $ noprob -x 'node server.js' -e 'js'

Compile individual coffescript files in the "src" folder into javascript on demand (closely mimics coffescript's internal --watch option):

  • $ noprob -l 'coffee -c <fullfile>' -e 'coffee' -w src

Copy changed txt files into a mirrored directory tree under the 'copies' folder but with a .changed before the extension:

  • $ noprob -l 'mkdir -p copies/<dir> ; cp <full> copies/<dir><name>.changed.<ext>' -e txt
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