Household chores using Trello.
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chorebot helps with the tedious parts of organizing household chores using Trello as the user interface and data store.

Use Trello to create the chores that you want, and chorebot will assign them out at an appropriate frequency.

Gamification of chore completion is planned.

WARNING: Very early development!


Chorebot depends on Python 2.7.

After cloning the chorebot source, you can optionally create and activate a virtual environment. Install the dependencies with:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Chorebot can be set up to run nightly using cron or some other scheduling mechanism that your OS supports. Simply invoke

Using Docker

Chorebot can run as a Docker container.

$ docker build -t chorebot .
$ docker run -t --rm -v ${CONFIG_DIR}:/config --name chorebot-cont chorebot

Where ${CONFIG_DIR} would be replaced by the path to a directory that contains your config.ini file (see Configuration below).

Trello Board Setup

Create a board that has "Chores" in the name.

Create a holding list for chores. This could be called "Done", but it doesn't really matter.

Create a list for each person to be assigned chores. The list should include the person's first name according to their Trello account, as well as "To Do" or "ToDo". For example: "Eric - To Do".

Create cards for all your chores. Use labels to indicate how often the chore should be done. Supported label names are:

  • Daily
  • Twice weekly
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

If you want a chore to go to a specific person every time or shuffled among a group of people every time, add the "members" to that card.

Cards without members will be shuffled and dealt among all the to do lists.

Note: When looking for boards, lists, cards and members, chorebot searches case-insensitively, so for example, your board could be "Smith family chores", and your to do list "eric-todo" and those will work just fine.


Get an API key at:

Also, generate a token on the same page by clicking the appropriate link there.

These need to be saved in config.ini, which should be either in the project root directory or /config/config.ini.

api_key: <your API key goes here>
token: <your token goes here>

You can also customize which board chorebot will use:

chore_board: housework

To Do

  • Implement "Monthly" chores
  • Create a card logger so that logs can be read with Trello
  • Fail in an obvious way if config.ini isn't set up
  • Integration tests with a test board
  • Unit tests for