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Minio Genesis Kit
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Minio Genesis Kit

The Minio Genesis kit gives you the ability to deploy Minio, a high performance distributed object storage server (S3 alternative).

For more information about Minio, visit their Git Repo on GitHub or read their Docs on

Quick Start

To use it, you don't even need to clone this repository! Just run the following (using Genesis v2):

# create a minio-deployments repo using the latest version of the minio kit
genesis init --kit minio

# create a minio-deployments repo using v1.0.0 of the minio kit
genesis init --kit minio/1.0.0

# create a my-minio-configs repo using the latest version of the minio kit
genesis init --kit minio -d my-minio-configs

Once created, refer to the deployment repository README for information on provisioning and deploying new environments.


SSL Certificates

  • self-signed-certs If you wish to have Genesis generate self-signed certs for you.
  • provided-cert If you have SSL cert/key to provide, which is grabbed from Vault via path: $GENESIS_VAULT_PATH/ssl/server:certificate and $GENESIS_VAULT_PATH/ssl/server:key


  • distributed If you desire to have Minio run in a distributed cluster, increasing your storage as well as protecting against downtime and data rot. Requires the num_minio_nodes parameter set


General Infrastructure Configuration

  • disk_type - The persistent_disk_type that Minio should use for object storage. (default: minio)
  • vm_type- The vm_type that Minio should be deployed on. (default: default)
  • network - The network that Minio should be deployed on. (default: minio)
  • stemcell_os - The operating system stemcell you want to deploy on. (default: ubuntu-trusty)
  • stemcell_version - The specific version of the stemcell you want to deploy on. (default: latest)

Minio Related Configuration

  • port - The port for Minio to listen on (default: 443)
  • num_minio_nodes - The amount of desired Minio nodes in a cluster. (default: 1, 4 for distributed clusters). If Minio deployment is distributed, value must be greater than 4, less than 32, and evenly divisible by 2.

Cloud Config

The Minio Genesis Kit expects a defined persistent_disk_type named minio. The size for this varies depending on your needs, but Minio themselves recommend a minimum of 2GB.

The Minio Genesis Kit also expected a defined network named minio with at least 1 IP, or num_minio_nodes IPs.

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