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Prometheus Genesis Kit

This is a Genesis Kit for the Prometheus Boshrelease. It deploys a single-VM prometheus deployment, with all jobs colocated on the single VM, for a smaller footprint. As more metrics are consumed/monitored, and additional services are added, this node will likely need to scale out to increase its I/O throughput first. If possible, use SSD-backed storage for its persistent disk pool in your Cloud Config.

Generally, you will have one prometheus VM per environment being deployed/monitored, each prometheus would then monitor the BOSH deployments + services of that environment.

Additionally, you will want to ensure that the node_exporter is included in your BOSH Runtime Config as an add-on, so that all BOSH VMs report their system health metrics back to Prometheus.

Quick Start

To use it, you don't even need to clone this repository! Just run the following (using Genesis v2):

# create a prometheus-deployments repo using the latest version of the prometheus kit
genesis init --kit prometheus

# create a prometheus-deployments repo using v1.0.0 of the prometheus kit
genesis init --kit prometheus/1.0.0

# create a my-prometheus-configs repo using the latest version of the prometheus kit
genesis init --kit prometheus -d my-prometheus-configs

Once created, refer to the deployment repository README for information on provisioning and deploying new environments.


SSL Certificates

  • self-signed-certs - If you wish to have Genesis generate self-signed certs for you.
  • provided-cert - If you have SSL cert/key to provide, which is grabbed from Vault via path: $GENESIS_VAULT_PATH/nginx/ssl_certificate:certificate and $GENESIS_VAULT_PATH/nginx/ssl_certificate:key


  • monitor-cf - Have Prometheus connect to the CF Firehose to track CF app status + more. More info on setup can be found in