Repository for continued development of GENESIS 2.4 neural simulator
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Repository for continued development of the GENESIS 2.4 neural simulator

The files here are based on the November 11, 2014 public release of GENESIS 2.4, available from The directory 'genesis' contains these, with any changes made since that time.

The 'pgenesis' directory contains development versions of parallel GENESIS (PGENESIS) version 2.4, updated from version 2.3.1. Not all features of GENESIS 2.4 have yet been incorporated into PGENESIS 2.4.

The December 6, 2014 update contains new documentation and compiled binaries for using GENESIS under MS Windows with Cygwin.

The December 11, 2016 update contains source code (in genesis/src/newconn) for 'facdep_rules', a new hsolveable short term facilitation/depression synaptic plasticity object. Documentation is in genesis/Doc/facdep_rules.txt.

The July 8, 2017 update contains source code and documentation for 'facdep_rules2', an improved version of 'facdep_rules'.

A new version of genesis/src/sys/system.c fixes compilation problems with recent versions of glibc.

The 'genesis-binaries' directory contains pre-compilied binary distributions, such as 'genesis-binaries/genesis-2.4-Cygwin-bin.tar.gz'.

Upgrading GENESIS 2.4

If you have an installed GENESIS 2.4 distribution, you can simply download the new files into the appropriate 'genesis' directories. Then, do the usual sequence of 'make clean; make; make install' in genesis/src.

If you would like to download the entire package, click on 'Clone or Download' for genesis-sim/genesis-2.4 then "Download Zip" this will give with:

genesis genesis-binaries pgenesis

Unless you want to install pgenesis also, you can delete it and the genesis-binaries tree.

Alternatively, if you are familiar with using git and want to clone your own copy of the repository, you may do that.