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XGS mn script install
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XGS Masternode Install Script

Use this script on a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 - MUST BE 16.04 x64

Stable and cheap host here or at

Part 1 - Sending Collateral Coins

  1. Open your Windows wallet - MAKE SURE IT IS SYNCED WITH THE NETWORK
  2. Go to Tools -> Debug Console
  3. Type: getaccountaddress MN# (# is your masternode number you want to use)
  4. Send 5000 XGS to this address. Wait for 6 confirmations.
  5. Go to Tools -> Debug Console
  6. Type: masternode outputs
  7. Type: masternode genkey
  8. Save your TX ID (The first number) and your Index Number (Second number, either a 1 or 0)
  9. Save your generated key as well as this will be needed in your VPS as your private key
  10. Save these with a notepad
  11. Close the wallet
  12. Move to Part 2 for now

Part 2 - Getting your Linux VPS Started Up (Read all instructions and follow prompts closely)

  1. Connect to your linux vps AS ROOT (AWS USERS USE sudo -i TO LOGIN AS ROOT), copy and paste the following line into your VPS. Double click to highlight the entire line, copy it, and right click into Putty or Shift + Insert to paste.
cd && sudo apt-get -y install git && sudo git clone && cd xgsmnsetup/ && sudo bash 
  1. Follow the prompts closely and don't mess it up!
  2. After the XGS wallet starts on your vps, run watch genesisx-cli getinfo, until you see the blocks match your local wallet.
  3. Move to Part 3

Part 3 - Editing your Windows Config File

  1. Open your wallet
  2. Go to Tools -> Open Masternode Configuration File
  3. Enter the following on one single line after the example configuration <alias> <ip>:5555 <private_key> <tx_id> <index>
  4. It should look something like this: MN1 892rg92FT99gLZT852P2vYGvqB5sE9Es2y4FfwK8MhCd6fWBBQ2 dee318aad4cd4548f5589fe7025a6db643e2baa9beda7035a7fac1432e1c1e8d 0
  5. Save and close the file and restart your wallet. Now, if the masternode.conf was correctly edited, you should see your masternode in the masternodes tab. If the wallet fails to start, you used an incorrect syntax. Look again at the example provided.

Part 4 - Starting the Masternode

  1. In your wallet, go to Tools -> Debug Console
  2. Enter startmasternode alias false <alias> with <alias> being the name of your masternode from Part 3
  3. Enjoy! You can start this process over again for another MN on a fresh Linux VPS!
  4. You can also start your wallet by going to the masternodes tab, click on your masternode and then hit START ALIAS button on the bottom left.

Part 5 - Checking Masternode Status

  1. After running the command in part 4, go back to your VPS to make sure your node has successfully started.
  2. Enter cd to get back to your root directory
  3. Enter genesisx-cli masternode status
  4. This will tell you the status of your masternode!
  5. In about 10-15 minutes, active time should go on positive in your masternodes tab in the local wallet. Also, your masternode's IP should be visible on

Donate if this helped

*Official XGS Discord:


XGS: GQwDa3xs8VFwupGjX6iRMrKmE9F76dPd68

BTC: 17cPwGfgdH1kvK6cXfY9mcc9CNwaKJBEia

LTC: Le87xeg5sATsxEUnFt2YG5w13b6DuX6ufd

ETH: 0x7e99722e395d75a9511959035ecb7edd9ec589df

Recommended Tools

  • Putty - Easy to use and customizable SSH client.
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